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They are an incredibly important part of your overall SEO strategy. And if something goes wrong here, the entire operation could be doomed. Similarly, While the truly technical elements of SEO auditing, including the deeper practices of indexing. Crawling, and auditing, can be difficult to master on your own. There are still several ways you can start to get a grip on this part of your marketing plan. . Google Analytics – This is your home base for checking your web traffic, your ROI on ad spend, session duration, bounce rates, and more.

Google Search Console – This is often one of the first tools people turn to for identifying site issues, optimizing their content to perform well on Google, and much more. Ahrefs – A popular SEO tool used by businesses around the world for keyword tracking, research, and Estonia Phone Numbers more. Screaming Frog – This website crawler for Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu is trusted by thousands of SEOs and agencies around the world to perform technical SEO site audits.

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Copyscape – This useful tool ensures that the content on your site is 100% real and not plagiarized. It also helps you identify if other sites are using your content without your permission. Barracuda Panguin Tool: This tool monitors Google algorithm changes and compares them to your traffic over time. To see what updates might have negatively affected your search engine performance. Title Tag Pixel Width Checker – There are several free Google SERP snippet preview tools to use as a guide when creating and optimizing your title descriptions and metadata for your eCommerce site.

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Plus, we’ve included the tools (including many just mentioned) to use to get the job done. Crawl your site (this is where Screaming Frog comes in handy), then analyze your crawl report Make sure only one version of your site is browsable (you can check this in Google Search Console. Learn more here ) Check your on-page SEO (Implement a tool like Ahrefs for this step) Make sure your content is unique with Copyscape or a similar tool. Google your site to make sure it shows up Analyze your search traffic in Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Analyze your backlink profile (programs like Ahrefs also include backlink profile tools) Local SEO for eCommerce Retailers It’s really helpful to show up in local search results when people near you search for the products or services you offer.

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No surprise there, right? But implementing local SEO practices is often an overlooked part of an overall digital marketing strategy. Here are three steps to get started: How to claim your Google My Business profile Here are three reasons why you want to claim your Google My Business profile. So you can add your business information to Google Maps, Search and other. Google services Allows you to create or gain access to a business profile on.

Create local citations Let’s head over to BrightLocal to learn more about creating local citations and. Why it’s important: “In the context of online marketing, a mention is a mention of your business name. Business address and business phone number on a third party website. And is a particularly important part of creating local citations, as we’ll see shortly. Your online dating can take many forms and can include any combination of. Company Name speak to Phone number opening hours products or services Images Videos Links to social networks. Local citations are an important ranking factor, and if you haven’t already considered working on creating your own. Similarly, Your search engine performance could suffer. One way to do so is by submitting your business information to local directories.

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