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Capitalizing on the latest search trends and being able to spot seasonal trends is a huge plus! In my dog ​​training niche, we can throw out some seasonal keyword ideas, like “hoodie for dogs.” I think this might be in style during a certain period of the year (winter). From the graph below I was right! There is a definite increase in popularity during the winter months. While these seasonal spikes shouldn’t be the bread and butter of my content strategy, with the right timing I can still take advantage of them to create content that drives traffic. Next year, around December to January, you might want to create some content around the top 10 dog hoodies of 2019. You might even tweak old content on the topic each year, making it new to Google at just the right time.

Google loves fresh, relevant content, especially on current topics. Trendy keyword research: final thoughts Using Google Trends to find trending keywords allows you to bypass timeless topics where competitors have already established their authority , to focus more on new and popular Turkey Phone Number List topics. It’s a great source for generating content ideas, social media posts, and video topics that can help you break through in a competitive niche. That said, though, it’s just one tool in your arsenal. You still want to make sure you’re targeting topics that will drive traffic.

If You See “Breakout” Instead of a Percentage,

Also keep in mind that just because a topic is trending doesn’t mean the rest of your niche is clueless about it. You can still do some link building, content marketing, etc. Do your due diligence and make sure that creating new content or retouching old content is worth your time and effort. This is where those good keyword research tools come in handy. So start brainstorming and take advantage of the traffic that trending keywords can offer!The last year and a half has been a fun ride for us. Our user base continues to grow at a tremendous rate, this has allowed us to start thinking bigger with the features we can add and the data we can provide.

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As we continue to grow our capabilities and add many of these new additions to Keysearch, we thought it was a good time to start having some fun with some of this data in a new blog series we’re calling “Data Insights . ” One of the first additions to our new “big data” thinking is Keysearch’s massive keyword database. Currently, the database contains over a billion keywords spread across 42 different country-specific databases. Our largest database is our US (United States) keyword database. At the time of this writing, our US database had 353,121,457 keywords and is growing by the millions every day.

It Means the Search Term Has Grown by More Than 5,000%.

Since we are a US based company and most of our users are from the US, this database will of course be bigger than the rest. This makes it the best candidate for fun insights into the data. What are we searching for? When doing keyword research, the hope is always to find some hidden gem keywords with high search volume and little competition. Search volume can range from zero to hundreds of millions, if not billions, of searches per month. What we wanted to find out was how many keywords actually fall into the different search volume ranges. Are there endless amounts of high search volume keywords that we just need to discover? Or should we tone down our exceptions about what search volumes we should be aiming for in our niches? Dive into search volume So we started with 353,121,457 in our US database.

The first thing we did was remove all the keywords that had no search volume. Although we save these keywords in our database, we do not use them as keyword suggestions in our tool, as they simply do not have enough searches. This was a lot of keywords, 213,938,452 to be exact. This was not a big surprise to us as we collected everything. There are so many keywords out there that they just don’t get searched for much. Google itself has said that 15% of searches made are completely unique. So these will not have any search volume.

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