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Imagine being able to grow your Armenia Phone Number  audience in just one night. By hosting your webinar with another brand you can double or triple your audience with a little extra work. From a practical point of view, this is the best way to get additional guidance. Here’s how to do it. Find a partner who has the same audience but is not the same as you. That way, you can talk to new people who are really interested in your product. For example if your core product is project management software you might consider working with a communications software company in the workplace. Create a promotional bag for event partners to keep everyone on the same page. When applying as a partner provide them with copy Armenia Phone Number  photos and posts on social media promoting the webinar. This allows them to help market.

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They also save time and effort. Have Armenia Phone Number  a dry run on your webinar platform. Before the webinar plan a practice session with your friends so they know how to access and use the platform. We recommend using your partner’s camera and microphone, answering questions posed through the platform’s chat function, and using whatever technical features they will use during the session. live meetings. Learn how to host collaborative webinars with our best practices. Incorporate the interactive feature into your Webinar What makes webinars unique to Ted Talks. Strong engagement and interaction with the audience. However as we have all experienced in the last two years it is more difficult to connect with people almost exclusively than in real life.

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Real with the following forms of Armenia Phone Number  communication which you can find in your webinar forum: Public Conversation: Make the meeting more conversational by encouraging attendees to ask questions and ideas in the chatbot. Past If the activity starts to stop have the moderator ask questions in the chatbot every 10-15 minutes. Attendees can ask questions directly to the presenter. Even better, other guests can ask questions they want answered so that the presenter can answer his or her audience’s questions first. For a more personal touch you can even have the audience post a video of themselves asking these questions. Poll Use the survey to measure the audience’s previous experience with the topic and tailor the presentation to those needs.

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