Inside the First 90 Days of Market’s Guatemala Phone Number

Sarah kennedy has had a phenomenal career thus far. And she’s just getting started. Now 90 days into leading the charge as marketo’s cmo, sarah speaks about what has surprised her, what cmos c.An do to make the most of 2018, and how early-career .Marketers can get on the right track to be a cmo in the future. Q: how has your career. Prepared you for the role that you have now? I don’t know that you .Can enter any job and ever feel adequately prepared. During the last few. Years of the ten total I spent in my career at sabre, I built the .Enterprise marketing discipline in our hospitality business from the ground up and. Led the business’s growth upmarket, just like marketo is doing right now. I bring that experience—knowing what works. What doesn’t, and what’s fundamentally different .About selling into global enterprises, and how to. Invest in marketing to accelerate growth in that segment surgically.

Marketo has been through a lot of change in the last year


including losing leaders across the team who Guatemala Phone Number had historically been key players in the early Marketo success story. I think there was an outside perception that the marketing organization had lost a lot of talent, but the reality is when you look inside of Marketo at the mid-level of marketing leadership, we have incredible strength. And not only do we have strength, but we have rockstars ready and willing to do more to lead the next phase of Marketo’s growth. And that honestly surprised me because of what I had incorrectly perceived coming in the door on day one. I think every company has that. You think when you lose top-level leaders that somehow will make the organization less successful. But the reality is it’s the people rolling up their sleeves every day that make Marketo successful; they’re the ones that we’re now challenging to do more and putting in leadership positions, giving them a chance to lead, to take on more and to fill those gaps. How many of those emerging leaders we had on our team already when I arrived surprised me, and it excites me more than anything. Q: What gets you up in the morning?

The amount of potential there is for marketers right

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now gets me up every day. And I also get excited about authenticity in the work .We do as marketers each day. I just love the idea that we can tell a story that makes. People feel connected to marketo in a different way. I think it. Makes our company and our marketing team human in a way. Everyone. Else is dealing with the same challenges we are inside of marketo as. Marketers, and our ability to share that and be honest with them about .What challenges we’re facing, and how we’re solving the same problems .They are, connects us in a way that’s so powerful. Most companies we compete .With often pretend to be something much more. Perfect than what they are in reality if they’re really honest with themselves.And everyone else sees it. e

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