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you purchase the optimization service, the annual price can be up to . USD. Champion – I would say Cloudw y is more affordable than GoD ddy as it offers more features. However, GoD ddy’s are cheaper, but if they’re still rooted in the market, none of the marketers will pay a huge one-time annual fee. Final Verdict The final performance comparison between Cloudw y and GoD ddy shows that Cloudw y wins the competition, but it still depends on which web hosting provider you want to take advantage of. However, if you are a small business, Cloudw y is the best hosting provider. Well, you can read more of the comparisons so you can make better decisions for yourself, the ball is still on your court. If you want to read comparisons on such interesting topics,

please subscribe to our website. Every time a webmaster publishes an article, they make sure the content is visible on , right? To this end, the URL inspection tool in the Google erch Console helps to achieve this, which is an important element of EO. . If you run a website, you know that “Request Indexing” is a feature of a URL inspection tool that allows you to request that your website  Belgium phone number list content be indexed. Once indexed, your content will be visible in the ERP. This is an important process that all webmasters and admins need to follow in order for their site to rank in . But the shocking news came from Google about indexing. Do you know

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what that is? Google recently announced that it has temporarily disabled the “Request Indexing” feature in the Google Search Console. Are you shocked? Image credit: Google I know you’ll be curious to learn more about this news, right? In this article, I’ll discuss the “Request Indexing” feature and when to enable it again for webmasters. Let’s jump. Temporarily Disabled Request Indexing Feature in Search Console A few days ago, a message fro about disabling the “Request Indexing” feature of the URL inspection tool in Google erch Console . The webmasters heard the news on Twitter, in which Google wrote: “We have disabled the ‘request indexing’ feature of the URL inspection tool to make some changes to the infrastructure. We hope

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you’ll be back in the next few weeks. .As described here, we will continue to find and index content through our usual methods.” The question is why is request indexing disabled? As you can see from Google’s statement, Google is suspending the feature for some infrastructure changes. What is the purpose of request indexing function in erch Console? The Request Indexing feature in the URL Inspection tool in erch Console helps your pages appear in Search Results Pages (ERP) and helps you rank in . So when you ask erch Console to index your pages, it will show your pages on , but there are no such guarantees. Additionally, it is used to

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request scraping of a single URL. With proper indexing, you can manage your website content on and help discover your content. This is the first process of indexing content. Let’s take a closer look at why indexing was disabled. Why is the erch Console indexing feature disabled? The reason for disabling the indexing feature is that there have been many complaints from webmasters about the indexing error issue. Also, Google is not indexing the content properly. Because many are very dissatisfied with the state of the search and the indexing process. There appears to be a bug in the erch Console, but it has not been

confirmed. Google search results add many questions. Therefore, changes to Google’s infrastructure will lead to some improvements for Google and webmasters. That’s why Google will stop indexing in the next few weeks. If you are currently submitting your website URL for indexing, will you accept it? Guys, if you’re currently using the request indexing feature, it won’t index your site urls from now on. However, Google says it will continue to index your site through normal crawling and indexing. Let me also tell you that even if the function works, it doesn’t guarantee immediate indexing. In some cases, Google may choose

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