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But this time it doesn’t exclude anything, adding the “Other countries” setting feature. To improve customer experience and digital marketers. Wondering when this update will go into effect? Just read the full article for updates. But first, check out the synopsis below. Merch nt Center is a powerful online tool that helps digital marketers upload their. Product data to and make it available for shopping ads and other services. Now let’s start with the update below. Merch nt Center to roll out additional country setting feature About two or three days ago, Google announced that. It would be adding an additional country setting feature to Merch nt Center. With this setup, marketers can easily display their product ads in multiple countries around the world.

Read Google’s statement here, where the company says: “By the end of this month, you will need to monitor the global availability of products in your product feed. You can apply shipping attributes to products directly in your feed, or you can use ‘other countries’ The feature specifies country. This applies to Shopping ads and free listings.” If you didn’t know, let me tell you that last month Japan Phone Number List Merch nt Center introduced a new attribute to exclude products from certain countries, but now it says It will be launched later this month (FYI). Using another country means determining its worldwide coverage Yes, the only reason Google is introducing the extra country setting feature is to determine the worldwide coverage of its products.

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With additional country settings, you will be able to use your product data in multiple countries. Additionally, you can set up campaigns and target these countries to run Shopping ads. Google has now extended this functionality to provide more information about the eligibility and performance of your product data across all countries. Previously, there were two methods for delivering products in various countries. Shipping Settings Merchants would use Shipping Settings to specify any specific country. They either create account-level shipping services or apply shipping attributes to individual products.

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Shopping Ads Feed During this process, merchants specify countries in the Shopping Ads Source. They will do this by country of sale using the “Other Countries” feature. These two methods are what merchants use to sell their products in various countries. However, these are not efficient methods because you cannot control the product from a single platform. But now it is possible. Do you want to know how? Just read the following. Now you can control the global availability of your products in one place: FEED Feeds are the data sources you create to showcase your products to .

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To create a new main feed, you will need to fill in the following information, for example: Sales Country Feed Destination Language Main Feed Name Add Multiple Country File Names With this information, you can manage it in the Feed Section of your Merch nt Center account Newly created feed. How you will show across multiple countries of saleThe following points will help you display your products in multiple countries: First, identify your primary country of sale and select other countries where you use your product data.

You can also set up multi-country shipping for all products or a group of products using the hipping attribute. Also, if a particular product includes other countries, those products will be easily displayed in those countries. Pre-selecting a country in your feed to set as “Other Country” Merch nt Center requires you to use “Other Country” instead of Merch nt Center’s “Shipping Settings”. So, in order to make this change, Google said: “We are pre-selecting the country in your feed to set it as the ‘other country’ for sales starting the week of the year, month, day.


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