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In the Internet industry, Tencent, known as the penguin, is an uncompromising winner. Whenever Tencent enters the field, the final result is often that after a lot of chickens and dogs, everyone else is corpse, and only Tencent is alive, and it is very enjoyable to live! But there are always exceptions, and this exception is the field of e-commerce. Eight years of e-commerce investment is Sri Lanka Mobile Number almost in vain Tencent is not too late to do e-commerce, and its investment in e-commerce is not too big. As early as 2006, Tencent established the C2C business Paipai, which officially competed with Alibaba’s Taobao. In 2012, Tencent controlled and announced a huge investment of US$1 billion to set up

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Tencent E-commerce Holding Company. However, 8 years later, has suffered a crushing defeat in the competition with, QQ online shopping and Tmall (formerly Taobao Mall) are not at all an order of magnitude competition, and although has invested huge resources in Tencent to support He has grown rapidly, but he has always lived in the shadow Sri Lanka Mobile Number which has grown several times faster than himself. In the PC Internet era, Tencent found that even if it had such a powerful product and traffic platform as QQ, it still could not support its e-commerce dream. Finally, in March 2014

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Tencent officially announced its investment in acquired 100% equity of QQ Online Shopping and, logistics personnel and assets, and a minority stake in This is not that Tencent is giving up its e-commerce dream. On the contrary, it wants to save the country through the curve and get to the end faster. However, this is precisely the beginning of the Sri Lanka Mobile Number second round of Tencent’s continuous struggle in the e-commerce business. WeChat e-commerce strategy is like squeezing toothpaste Because at this time, Tencent has another nuclear weapon: WeChat. It has 600 million users, and these users are extremely active! However, Tencent may be far more cautious than the outside world when it comes to whether WeChat can become an e-commerce business.

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