It is for these reasons that a large part of the collaborative problem is presented

Proposal that aims to promote collaboration in the different phases of the project life cycle, from the most initial design phases to the operations and maintenance phase. The objective sought by this current is the promotion of open collaborative processes in order that the projects that are developed are better coordinated. Inesem business school bim master in civil engineering more information what is the problem of the sector? The projects of the sector depend on tasks loaded with challenges in collaborative terms , their success is achieved with an adequate collaboration of the intervening agents (architects, technical architects, engineers in

The projects of the sector

Addition to the different contractors), normally each one of them belongs to a different organization, sometimes even with conflicting interests. It is for these reasons that a large part of the collaborative problem is presented , being able to highlight the following: lack of coordination , this Latvia Phone Number problem is due to the fact that the different parties do not coordinate their work, sharing insufficient or outdated documentation. Loss of information , each agent works in native software so that when converting this data to an open environment, part of the information is lost.

Limitation of use of information

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Inadequate interpretation , by not having an adequate workflow, the data is not a reliable source of information. Limitation of use of information , the design information of one discipline cannot be integrated with. The system of the other, so the data that can be used is limited. In addition,Lack of follow-up , the existence of interference between. The different disciplines for each of the modifications that are developed is not verified. Being necessary not only a bidirectional flow but also that the process has to be continued.

Lack of a detailed building model , the above problems lead to late coordination. And rendering time leading to construction being rendered on sketches rather than actual plans. In addition,What solutions does it offer or propose? The main proposal is the creation of a platform based on bim models that allows. The different family modules to be used in a way that guarantees compatibility. With this data compatibility. The improvements that would occur are: avoid data conversion. This process would be eliminated to avoid coordination problems. Limit data to third parties , even based on a joint model, the

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