It is not easy to stay abroad as a translator for parents

Many people who have just arrived in guijing. Or who have lived in guijing for many years and have not yet mastered. The local language, will ask fellow villagers to interpret. When they are doing business. These fellow villagers. Who may be friends or people who live nearby. Can help explain your condition in front of the doctor. Then translate for the doctor and tell you the diagnosis. They will also act as a bridge between you and the public sector. Of course, translating professional terms is not an easy task. And now it is much more convenient to have online translators do it for you. But it is more convenient to always have someone to translate. Without having to input the spoken words into the computer every time. And then communicate with each other. Many children of the second generation of immigrants. Have experience in interpreting for parents who do not speak the local language.


Several British psychologists have studied

the experiences of children Qatar Phone Number and teenagers from immigrant families in the UK as translators for their parents. A Chinese girl who came to the UK with her family when she was 12 years old is fluent in English a year later, but her father still stutters. She still remembered that year in her father’s driving class to translate the master’s instructions for him. On the day of the driver’s license test, she was in the back seat, translating the examiner’s instructions for her father. In the end, he passed the test successfully, and the family was very happy. The girl has graduated with a Ph.D. today and has opened a company that translates medical documents in Chinese and English. She was taking a driving lesson at the time of the interview and recalled that time. Another 13-year-old South American girl worked as a translator for her parents who did not speak English. She used to find the homeowner to repair the heating for her parents. Her parents were very dissatisfied that the owner of the house had not come to repair it for so long, and they pressured the girl to urge her more and show her anger, but the girl did not want to argue with anyone, and it was not easy to be caught between her parents and the owner of the house. Finally after a year of communication, the heating was repaired.

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This girl will act as an interpreter for her mother and teacher on the school’s parents’ day.

Sometimes the teacher says that she talks a lot in class, and she translates it correctly, because she says that her mother can see the meaning from the teacher’s expression and can’t deceive her. . There is also a teenage Polish girl whose mother is not fluent in English, and they hear racial slurs from time to time. She was always struggling to translate these ugly words truthfully. These little translators all have different experiences, but most of them are very satisfying. One said that although translation was not easy, she felt like the head of the family and could influence her parents’ decisions at a young age. In fact, translation requires a high level of knowledge and elegance. Even adults who are fluent in both texts need to undergo rigorous training before they can translate properly and accurately. These kids and teenagers are not easy.

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