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The new feature for LinkedIn profiles Greece Phone Number allows. You to highlight job breaks and provide more contextual. Insights into the skills and experience gained from the workplace. By the same token In a statement from LinkedIn. It is said that this app is being put in place in response to users asking. For ways to highlight the positive aspects of retirement. The life experience and skills that people. Have developed during the break may be in line. With what the employer wants in an open role. Equally important This feature is designed to encourage open discussion between candidates and employees about time spent in a Greece Phone Number typical workplace.  You can now indicate if time off work was taken between jobs for full-time parenting.

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Data on LinkedIn shows that the number of Greece Phone Number layoffs is increasing. Based on a survey of 23,000 employees and more than 4,000 staff managers. Why highlight job losses in your LinkedIn profile. In the first place LinkedIn reported that professionals who take a break from work often refine their skills or create new ones. 56% of employees say they acquired new skills, or improved existing ones, during a layoff. 54% of women who took a break from work say they are better at their jobs than before. As a matter of fact Employer reactions to layoffs are starting to take a different path. 46% of employers believe that candidates with job breaks are a pool of undeveloped talent. 51% of employers are more likely.

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That caused them to retire the new career Greece Phone Number breaks feature. For LinkedIn profiles gives you the opportunity. To participate in discussions and resolve issues that may. Be on users minds in addition. You can emphasize that time spent on the job makes you. More valuable now as a candidate when this feature emerges. And more people add it to their profiles employers will be able. To specifically search for candidates who have resigned. How to highlight job breaks in your LinkedIn profile. You can use this feature by navigating to your. LinkedIn profile and clicking add section . LinkedIn will ask you to fill in a few fields such. As the start and end of a break a break title and a description. The form asks for a type pause and allows. You to choose from the following options

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