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This shift can reduce marketing effectiveness, especially when current marketing efforts are function-base. Messages that extol the quality of a product or service may not be successful. Marketing in a recession, therefore, presents unique challenges in transitioning to customer-centric value-base marketing by adapting content, messaging, and targeting to demonstrate value and foster trust. 5. Demand generation and ABM ( customer-base marketing ) nee to be rebalance One-to-many marketing techniques, such as demand generation, often thrive in economic growth. There are more leads on the market, so there are more opportunities to get leads. In a bear market, however, such efforts amount to a method of spraying and praying that often proves to be waste.

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On the other hand, ABM can achieve better results in lead-poor markets because it focuses on relationship building and value-based marketing. Nonetheless, ABM does not negate Tunisia Mobile Number List the need for demand generation. B2B marketing in a recession requires balancing demand generation and ABM based on revenue attribution, internal resources to support each effort, and overall sales and marketing goals. Why investing in marketing during a recession is the right decision It’s clear from the previous section that marketing can still play a key role during a recession. If anything, when closely tied to sales, they represent a growth engine that defies the laws of recession. The next question is, should you reduce, increase or maintain your advertising budget during a recession.

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Here are the top reasons why you should maintain or even increase your marketing investment during a recession: 1. Maintain the market and Mindshare (mind share) One of the dangers of cutting marketing spending during a recession is the risk of losing market and idea share. When you market aggressively, you’re generating leads, yes, but also cultivating market and mindshare. Your customers and people who have heard of you know you exist, and if not now, they may be future customers. Reducing marketing investment prevents market share and idea share growth and leads to setbacks. With less marketing, your brand starts to disappear from the minds of potential customers, diverting their attention to competitors who may maintain or even increase marketing investment to expand market and mindshare.


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