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There are no financing requirements, and you don’t need a VC license or large sums of money to make your idea a reality. This is one of the most exciting Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number things about the App Store, apps aren’t cheap, or the barriers to entry are not that hard to develop, so most apps don’t require a big investment. Raise funds yourself, collaborate with designers or developers, or code yourself. The more you learn, the more chances you get, not only to survive in the app store, but also to survive well.

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Finishing an app is only half the goal, and the other half is just as important to promote your app. If someone thinks that users will come when the development is done, then he should have never released an app. We should assume that if there is no marketing, users will not Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number come to download. Put 50% of your marketing efforts on PR. Getting your app to get news coverage is the best, most cost-effective way to spread the word, and you can potentially reach millions of potential users without spending money. How to get it? By building a relationship. It starts with developing a great product. If a product excites users, then they talk about it…

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The reason I developed Wake Alarm is because I’m also a wake-up caller and I don’t like third-party alarm clock apps in the AppStore. “Do what you like and Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number love what you do”. This is a valid guideline for getting people to like your app because you are so close to the problem that you can make a great product for yourself first. You have to believe in the power of your curiosity and passion. Your first homework is to browse the AppStore and the web to see if anyone else has the same problem as you and is excited about your product.

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