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Heading tags are things like. The lower the number, the more important it is (so <h1> is a bigger and more important tag than <h2>). You want to use these tags as titles for different sections of your content. They must be clear and concise. How much these header tags matter for SEO has always been debated, but having clear, keyword-specific headers wouldn’t be a bad thing, as long as you don’t force your keywords into the headers. URL structure Your URL is an additional place to get some extra SEO points. It has been shown that having keywords in the URL has lost a lot of ranking weight in recent years, but if we think that Google’s algorithm has hundreds of different factors, keywords in the URL is definitely one of them. So even if it’s worth very little…

hell! It’s better than nothing! You don’t need to force your keyword phrase into the URL, but it’s essential to make sure your URLs are at least SEO-optimized. So, for example, the general theme of this tutorial will be much clearer for Google and search engines with a URLSo as the saying goes about football… SEO is a game of inches. Every little bit counts! file names You should think Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number of your file names the same way you think of your URL name and header tags. You want to be clear about what files are and how Google should view them. Having images named pic1.jpg is not doing you any good in terms of SEO.

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It’s much better to name your images like on-page-seo.jpg or something relevant to your content and what the image is really about. This is valid for other files on your pages (PDF, videos, etc.). By naming your files correctly, you are further identifying the focus of your page to Google. You may also get lucky… Google Images is a great search engine in itself and many websites get a lot of traffic for having images ranking highly for certain keywords. Labels and ALT images Let’s take filenames one step further and make sure to use ALT tags. ALT tags are how you identify your image.

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If for some reason the image doesn’t load on your page, the reader will see the ALT tag instead. As such, it should be the name or a description of the image. It should also reflect the theme of the content. Use the ALT tag to succinctly describe the image. Here is an example of an ALT tmages are a crucial part of your content. Not only do they need to be SEO friendly, but they also need to scale properly. Keep in mind that the larger the file, the longer it will take for the page to load. This brings us to page speed. website speed Your page load speed is definitely a ranking factor. Google has confirmed this over and over again. Not just for Google but in today’s world, speed is of the essence. People are always in a hurry. About half of mobile users abandon a website if it doesn’t load within three seconds.

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Keep your visitors and Google happy with a site that loads fast. Take the time to see if there are any elements on your page that are slowing you down. Clean up bloated and unnecessary HTML and CSS coding. As much as possible, avoid redirects, especially to third-party sites. Scale images correctly. Images that are too large can reduce site performance. Use Google Analytics to check the speed and “behavior” of your site or you can even run a speed test on your site using a special tool for that purpose. Check the size of your web page. If it’s more than 1 MB, you might want to think about reducing the size mobile responsive mobile-seo Google is said to be launching a mobile first index soon.

This means that sites that are not mobile-optimized will not rank as well. So being mobile-friendly is no longer a nice thing, but it’s an absolute must! Also, the days of having a limited and simplified version of your site as a mobile site will no longer be enough. The best way to go mobile these days is to have a responsive website that provides a similar experience for different users looking at your site using different devices. Responsive sites automatically adjust to screen size. If you are using WordPress or pretty much any other CMS, you will have responsive themes.

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