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Supports iPhone, Android, WP and BlackBerry. 8. Private Photo Vault The Private Photo Vault app actually only does one thing, encrypting the photos. If you want to make some photos that involve your privacy more secure, you can use this app. If Bahrain Mobile Number your best friend is sneering at your photos every now and then, give this app a try. Supports iPhones and will soon support Android devices. 9. Scoutmob Scoutmob is a really great group-buying app. Not only can it send group-buying messages in specific areas, but it also offers free location-sensing coupons, so you have to be Scoutmob to get these coupons. Not only that, but Scoutmob also provides users with a curated list of local group purchases, which makes it a great group purchase app.

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Supports iPhone, Android and WP phones. 10. Dark Sky While other weather apps only tell users what the chance of precipitation or snow is in the future, Dark Sky’s “weather radar” provides real-time weather forecasts that users can see on a Bahrain Mobile Number live map. This way, before the storm comes, you can quickly pack up your work and go home early. Support iPhone. 11. Venmo Venmo is an AA-based payment application commonly used by party people. If everyone goes to a restaurant for dinner, you no longer have to worry about someone running away halfway and making you pay. Supports iPhone and Android devices. 12. FitBit FitBit is one of the best apps for monitoring exercise and fitness.

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It can track the user’s exercise, calorie consumption, sleep, and other health indicators. Support iPhone and WP phones. 13. Hotel Tonight Hotel Tonight provides users with the most affordable hotel vacancy information, even at the last minute, as long as you search for it, you can quickly place an order. If you want to take a trip that just goes away, give Bahrain Mobile Number this app a try. Supports iPhone, Android and WP phones. 14. Zombies, Run! Zombies, Run! is a fitness app that actually incorporates an interactive game with a virtual zombie image. If you fail to complete the specified fitness goal, you will be eaten by the zombies in the game. Supports iPhone and Android devices. 15. Mixology Mixology is an app that teaches people to mix and match.

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