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Increase investment in brand building programs During a recession, brand building efforts will not be in vain. They offer multiple benefits that can increase marketing efficiency while reducing marketing costs. Here are the main reasons why brand building should be part of a recession marketing plan: Awareness – Brand building increases brand awareness and recognition, making it easier to have conversations with potential prospects. Loyalty – The perception of a strong and consistent brand builds loyalty and can generate repeat business from current and past customers. Referrals – Clients recommend companies they perceive as consistent, strong, and focused. Humanity – During recessions, people are more risk averse and less confident.

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Brand building can humanize the brand, infuse it with empathy, and thus create an emotional connection with the customer base. Advertising Effectiveness – If people Turkey Mobile Number List know about your company or brand, your ad will be familiar and positively received, potentially increasing effectiveness and reducing costs. 7. Publish more value-based content Digital procurement continues to be a growing trend in B2B as emerging executives prefer digital channels to find solutions. Following this trend is a rising preference for self-service channels, as shown in the following chart: Marketers can capitalize on this trend by embracing content marketing and publishing more content targeting the middle and bottom of the funnel to emphasize value, build relationships, and shorten conversion cycles.

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The focus should be on the types of content most commonly used to research B2B buying decisions: case studies, white papers, SEO blog posts/articles, reports/analyses, and eBooks, in order of priority. Dos and Don’ts of Marketing During a Recession The previous sections covered how the recession affects marketing, why you should invest in marketing during a recession, and what recession-proof strategies you can employ to improve marketing performance. This section summarizes the marketing strategies employed during the economic crisis: to do Use more strategic marketing automation to accelerate data collection, processing, analysis and insight generation. Get rid of marketing bloatware – software and tools that don’t make marketing more efficient.


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