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China is likely to be the largest price depression for sex service providers in human history. Why? Aren’t sex providers supposed to be high-income groups everywhere? Yes, taking Beijing as an example, no matter whether it is a technician in a large bath or a Lou Feng in a high-end community, these people from the northeastern two lakes and Sichuan have different accents and different work skills, but they can take amazing selfies with uniform angles and special effects. Ladies undoubtedly have Indonesia Mobile Number gold-collar incomes. For example, in “business first class” such as Yihai, it used to take two minutes to push fuel for a plane flight. Now, at least four minutes, some companies even stipulate that they must apply for an annual card or become a member to enjoy further services. Even in those “greenish” venues, under the threat of anti-pornography

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Just imagine how, a century ago, apart from sex workers, how did men enjoy extra pleasure? There is no QQ, no WeChat, no Momo, no mobile phone and the Internet, no fast and cheap means of transportation, it is difficult to chat with girls in the same community in person, and there is no off-site gun that can be called anytime. In a word – non-commercial sexual exchanges are Indonesia Mobile Number hard to come by. What’s more, although it may seem expensive, prostitution has long-term benefits without the potential costs of unwanted pregnancy or forced marriage. So at least 20 percent of American men born between 1933 and 1942 had their first sex with a prostitute.

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But now human society has undergone a fundamental subversion in terms of ideology and technical conditions. Offices, residential buildings, nightclubs, airports… Anywhere may become a place where the unfamiliar sexes develop into a sex relationship. Why are Indonesia Mobile Number prostitute incomes falling so fast? Because demand is falling sharply. It’s not that men’s sexual needs have declined, their demand remains strong. But the prostitution industry, like other industries, is most afraid of competition. Who is the prostitute’s biggest competitor? Simple: any woman willing to have sex with a man for free. You know, China’s sex service industry also faces another wonderful external factor – policy regulation.

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