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It doesn’t even integrate with Zapier, though it does offer API access. how-to-make-url-short Cuttly is perfect for business management. It offers you QR codes for the shortened link generated. You can preview the link and have user protection to keep you away from suspicious sites. Also, you can get more information about link tracking and statistics. Here are some of Cuttly’s features: Custom domain: You can own the domain links. Make your brand powerful with a custom domain. You can change the URL after the domain name with the help of backslash. It shows the statistics and analysis of the link.

Provides information based on click-through rate, geographic location, and browser location. Prices: The basic plan is free. There are four plans that offer different services. Single Plan: $25.00/month, offers up to 5 brand domains Team Plan, offers ten branded domains Enterprise Team: $149.00/month 9. Link Linkly is a URL shortener that allows you to create custom short Nepal Phone Number destination links. The shortened link has branded links that redirect to the website page. You can use Linkly with simple steps. First sign up/log in, then in the left menu click “Create new link”. long url to short url Linkly can track up to 1,000 clicks per month for free.

For Casual Use, You Can Choose Rebrandly,

Create a free trial Linkly account without a credit card and benefit your business with its features. Some of Linkly’s features are: Create beautiful and colorful graphs to show the results of each link. Retargeting and segmentation from different social networking sites. Advanced features include geotargeting and link rotators. Prices : Basic plan: Free the first month. Plus Plan: $29/month. The plan is activated after one month. 10. Short URL ShortURL puts the spotlight on branding to create custom short URL links using your domain. While parsing and crawling, ShortURL does a wonderful job.

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It keeps track of the data of the country, date, time and device through which the user visited the site. best-url-shortner As you can see in the image, ShortURL is easy to use. Here are some features of ShortURL: Short and simple: It is simple, fast, which reduces the length of long URL links. Secure: ShortURL has an HTTP protocol encrypted service, so your site is protected from hackers. Statistics – You can track marketing metrics with a short link generator. Frequent questions Is it safe to use URL shortener? Yes, the URL shortener is safe to use. However, there is some security risk associated with shortened URLs. Shortened URL links are vulnerable and easy for hackers to attack.

Whether You’re Looking to Shorten Long Urls

The visitor of the shortened URL does not know where they are redirected to when they click on the shortened URL. It depends on the trust of the sender of the link. In some organizations, it is recommended to refrain from the site that has a shortened URL or is blocked from network gateways. Are URL shorteners free to use? Yes, there are URL shorteners that are free to use. The URL shortener that is free to use. is 100% free. offers a one-month free plan. Rebrandly offers free service for one month. TinyURL is also free. Can I track my audience ? You can track the audience with a shortened URL link. For example, if you use for URL shortener, you can add a “+” to the end of the URL. Enter the link address on the home page.

you data and metrics about the visitor on your site. You can get information such as IP address, site reference, language. Can I use a custom domain for a short URL? Yes, you can use a custom domain for a short URL. The custom domain is the unique brand name used to identify the website. Custom domain is also known as mnemonic URL or premium URL. The custom domain name appears in the browser’s address bar. The URL shortener offers the service to create a custom domain name. Best URL Shortener: Conclusion A URL shortener helps you convert a long URL into a neat, short URL. You need to know what your needs are and then select the right URL shortener as different tools offer different features.

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