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You should see some blogs and many of them will accept comments. Read the article, see if you can add anything relevant to the conversation, and comment! There are still plenty of blogs that will dofollow your comment if it’s worth anything. So you’ll get a good mix of dofollow and nofollow links this way. Site mentions and link requests There are many times that people will mention your website on their site but not link to it. This is a great opportunity to try to recover a link. You can find their contact page and try to contact the owner of. The website to see if they convert your mention into a link.

Keep in mind the old saying “with honey you catch more flies”. If you approach them saying how much you enjoy their blog/website and are polite, you’ll be surprised how many people will have no problem doing it for you. Broken link building. Have you ever come across a website in your niche that has a link pointing to a site that no longer exists or a page that no longer exists? This presents a great Afghanistan Phone Number opportunity for you to replace that link with your link! If your site doesn’t have content that fits the bill. Maybe consider creating some content that does. So just like with site mentions, if you contact the website owner and tell them the link is broken and you have some great content that can replace it. You might be able to get a free deal link! Raffle, charities, scholarships, etc.

When You Use These Traffic Sources,

These methods that I am about to describe are not only great for web businesses, they are also great for physical businesses trying to get some links to their websites. Let’s go back to the body shop example. If you create a giveaway or contest sponsored by your business, say free baseball bats for kids, a charitable donation, or a small scholarship from your business, you’re sure to get some links. Things like schools, minor league websites, local newspapers, etc. they can begin to bond with you. These can be some pretty powerful links, as all of these things are the types of sites that Google relies heavily on. Although the setup time on something like this may be a bit longer, in the end you could reap huge backlink and ranking rewards.

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what we learned In this tutorial, we’ve learned some great ways to create white hat backlinks that Google will love. Let’s recap some of the methods and ideas discussed. White hat link building is the preferred link building method to help ensure long-term rankings. Branding your website by getting links on social websites and free business listing sites is a great place to start. Guest posting is a great tried and true method of getting high quality. White hat links and referral traffic as well.

Make It Your Goal to Get People to Link to You.

Try and make your content share-worthy Do a round of press releases to let people know about your website. When focused on quality, blog comments can be a great way to get backlinks. Don’t let your site mentions go to waste. Try and request a hyperlink instead. Take advantage of broken links within your niche. Gifts, charities, and scholarships are great ways to get your local area talking and connecting with you. Continue on to Part 8, where we’ll discuss the ever-mysterious black hat link building.

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