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“Generally, the repurchase regulation in the VAM agreement is between 10% and 12%. According to the calculation of six years, plus the principal, South Beauty only needs to pay CDH 320 million to 350 million yuan. If South Beauty has a valuation of 27 million 100 million yuan, that Zhang Lan only needs to sell a small part of the shares, and there is no need to lose the controlling stake at all,” Zhang Jia said. Xu Gengchao, vice president of IBMG France Mobile Number International Business Management Group, once said: The acquisition price of South Beauty was seriously underestimated. This was because South Beauty was forced to sell when there was no hope of going public, and CDH’s return on investment was less than double. This also confirms Zhang Jia’s view. Zhang Jia told reporters that the valuation of high-end restaurants in the capital market this year has more than doubled compared to last year

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“South Beauty is an asset-light operation. I estimate that South Beauty’s net profit for one year is more than 50 million. Let’s explore why the passive form demands more effort. As I told you before, the basic active sentence structure is quite consistent and logical in English. The passive voice turns this all the way around. Then you read what France Mobile Number happened to it. You discover who or what was responsible only at the very end. This sequence differs from how we usually make sense of events. However, such performance is relatively good among listed catering companies, and high-end catering companies such as Hunan Eqing directly ended in losses.

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When South Beauty was first listed, the Zhang Lan family held less than 80% of the shares of South Beauty. Therefore, Zhang Jia believed that the Zhang Lan family could cash in at most 400-500 million yuan by selling shares this time, after paying France Mobile Number CDH’s funds and some debts. , there should be very little left. This is also the reason why the Zhang Lan family has always been reluctant to admit to selling shares. In the year that South Beauty introduced CDH, CVC, a world-renowned private equity fund company, established its Beijing office. In April of that year, CVC’s third Asian fund successfully raised US$4.1 billion. Company executives said that China will be the first fund for the fund. important objective of investment.

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