Product requirements document for the online vocational education platform “HiU” for college students

As well as document is a simple platform designed by the author. Based on the personal experience of himself and the surrounding users: PRD of HiU. College Student Online Vocational Education Platform. After preliminary market analysis and user interview research. The report sorts out the core needs of users and transforms them into In order to meet the needs of the platform. The relevant data and information will be aggregated to provide. A basis for the subsequent improvement and update of the platform.

Product Introduction

  • Product type: HiU online vocational education platform for college students. Provide high-quality guidance and advice planning for college students, supplemented by related courses and other services
  • Product introduction: A platform that provides high-quality life and career planning guidance and advice for college students from the Thailand Phone Number beginning to the workplace. Through this platform, users can read high-quality articles, share experiences, purchase courses for careers and hobbies, and complete the courses conveniently, so as to continuously improve themselves.
  • As well aspositioning: Provide a wide range of community, schoolwork, curriculum, career planning and guidance services for college students with diverse hobbies and needs, and gradually dig deep into all aspects to continuously improve the platform.

 Product users

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It can be seen that the age groups of online education target users are concentrated between 20-29 and 30-39. Mainly post-80s and post-90s.

The target users are college students in different schools. Majors, and different plans. It is often for professionals who want to clarify their own career direction. Need guidance, and then improve their professional ability and college students who are just entering the workplace. Therefore, a product is constructed to provide basic courses and additional independent learning courses for college students with self-learning ability. At the same time Help college students enter the workplace to guide and provide assistance.

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