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On topics that expand on the subject you’re writing about in this article. Use research – Include statistics and data from the reading and research America Cell Phone Number you’ve done (because if you truly are an industry authority. You keep up with this type of stuff). Make sure the information is recent and links to the native source. Maintain up-to-date author bios on your site – The bios should include the authors’ experience, how they earned it, and their credentials. List all (or many) content pieces they’ve created. To America Cell Phone Number prove your Google EAT, use what you know and show your work, says JuliaEMcCoy via cmicontent. CMWorld contentcreationCLICK TO TWEET HANDPICKED RELATED CONTENT.

Provide America Cell Phone Number the Answers

If Your Content Doesn’t Have This, the Majority Won’t Trust It [Research] 5 Research Options You May Never Have Considered for America Cell Phone Number Your Content The Top 7 Things You Must Know About Google’s BERT Update 2. Be informative and comprehensive Chances are your readers are coming to your content because they have questions (especially if they found you on Google). Make sure you provide the answers. Easier said than done, right? Of course. Here are a few tips to help: Research the America Cell Phone Number questions your readers are asking – Topic, audience, and keyword research gets you a long way here. They help you understand what your readers are looking for and their biggest queries.

Information America Cell Phone Number Versus Skimming


Then, you can focus on creating content pieces that answer those questions. Stay in one-topic wheelhouse – Narrow your content focus. Explore a America Cell Phone Number few key areas of one overarching topic or theme. That way you can go in depth and provide useful information versus skimming the surface and telling your readers what they already know. Outline a purpose for every piece of content you create – Before you begin drafting, decide what that content piece will do for your audience. In what America Cell Phone Number way will it help them? Once you figure that out, fulfill that purpose in the content. Make the reader walk away thinking they learned something or solved a problem. Shorter content pieces naturally won’t be as informative as long-form content (generally, anything over 1,500 words is considered long form).

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