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One study found that sales and marketing coordination resulted in: Revenue rose 208%. 36% customer retention rate. The deal completion rate increased by 38%. During a recession, sales and marketing face the challenge of maintaining and enhancing alignment and developing coordinated approaches to reduce marketing opportunities. For example, deepening customer relationship management by developing more detailed personas and know-your-buyer (KYB) matrices for use by both departments. 3. Targeting misses the mark as customer dynamics shift During a recession, customers’ spending habits change to adapt to changing market conditions. They will reduce, replace or eliminate the cost they originally had, significantly impacting marketing effectiveness.

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For marketers, this shift means that marketing campaigns targeting specific roles or markets can become ineffective, especially without regular updates. In this case, marketing Slovenia Mobile Number List can increase ad spending and still get worse results than before the recession. Lack of granular analysis of customer dynamics and changing spending habits can severely reduce marketing effectiveness, resulting in waste and poor revenue attribution. 4. Customers shift focus to value-based marketing The recession has eroded customer confidence and trust, forcing them to become price-sensitive and rethink and re-evaluate purchasing decisions from a value perspective. Most people will wonder if they are getting the most value for money.

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Data and digital security According to the Identity Theft Resource Center’s annual report, data breaches increased by 68% last year, the highest level on record. The growth is due to high-profile cyberattacks targeting everything from America’s largest oil pipeline to companies like T-Mobile, compromising the personal information of millions of consumers. While physical security is a simple task, using security cameras, good security locks, and of course security guards to “harden” the facility. But how do you protect your data, or more importantly, customer data? Do you know what to do if your information is confiscated and you are the victim of a data hostage threat? Did you know someone broke into your system and monitored your activity, or even copied sensitive research material or private data? Cybersecurity or cyber resilience is a huge concern for organizations across the globe.


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