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Similar to the need to be able to explain the results of the past, an experienced SEO needs to develop the ability to calculate the potential results. There are many external factors that are difficult to isolate and predict. Changes in competition, market, or political conditions can cause well-thought-out estimates to be incorrect. We should not force ourselves to accurately predict how much traffic, or visibility, our work may receive. However, the ability to put reasonable and potentially varied estimates into our proposals can give budget owners more confidence in the work we offer. It’s not enough to touch our shoulders and cross our fingers when asked about the results. We often ask for time, money and resources for the activities they offer. SEO optimization is a skill that will not only set you apart when looking for a new role or opportunity.

But Will Also Improve the Quality and Credibility

Of your work. Log file analysis is the process of Guangdong Mobile Phone Number understanding the records of who has entered your site. They can tell you when people visited a page and also what tools they used to do so. This really helps in understanding the behavior of Googlebot and other search engines on your site. By analyzing the log file, you can better understand which pages are accessible to search engines or inaccessible to bots. You can find out where there are spider traps on your site or the size of certain sections of your site. Fortunately, there are great tools available that make analyzing them much easier than going through a naked log file. Understanding what to do with information when you have it is the real skill.

If You Know That Certain Areas of Your Website

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Are rare Google who should inform the technical SEO following the next steps. This should raise questions about your internal communication system. Knowing the log files is a good first step but to improve your skills make sure that you analyze the files and draw any possible conclusions from them. Website migration It is not easy to get good at planning and executing a website migration. It really takes experience. Many SEO professionals who have worked specifically in the branding side may find that they have not had the opportunity to make that many migrations. If you’re going to run into something very difficult, such as multiple sites combined, it can be very intimidating.


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