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It will take a long time to rank for these keywords, but it may still be worth targeting as many keywords in this rank will drive a lot of traffic. Get creative with your link building and spend some time. Typically, once you can start ranking for keywords in this rank, you will rank for many long-term keywords throughout your niche. Your site will be fairly established at this point. The competition is quite difficult. Just as we say goodbye to the newer sites at the last level of competition, I am saying goodbye to the medium-low authority sites at this level. Keep working hard and you will reach this level one day.

Unfortunately, you may still be a few years away from having the authority and link power to rank for these types of keywords. This leaves you with only high authority sites. I personally don’t like to dabble in this range too much. Why? Well, why bother is what I say? There is a lot of quality fish in the sea at the lower levels of competition. Once we hit this range, we’re usually fighting the big boys. I will only  South Korea Phone Number List target keywords in this range if they are the crown jewels of my niche. For example, for a dog training site, of course your long-term goal is to rank for the keyword dog training, puppy training, etc. These can be quite difficult or very difficult, but they are also the long-term goal of your site. You may never get it, but of course, you’re going to try.

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Now, using the same example, let’s say the keyword “dog protection collar” fell into the pretty hard range. Personally, I am not wasting my energy fighting for this keyword when there are so many others that I can rank for much more easily. It will take time and effort, no matter the authority of your site, to rank in this rank, so choose your keywords wisely. The competition is very difficult. Is your website one of the most authoritative in your niche? No… then don’t even think about it. These keywords are for the big players only. This is the search engine’s high roller room. The keywords here will not only be dominated by highly authoritative and niche-relevant websites, but the actual page rankings will be super relevant and highly authoritative.

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If you’re even going to entertain at this level, you probably don’t need to do much keyword research, since your site and business are at a point where you can pretty much rank for anything in your niche. If you’re ranking for multiple keywords at this level, congratulations on hitting it big! SEO has no definitions! SEO is a crazy business and there are no definitions. Is it possible for a new site to rank for a very difficult keyword? Yes… I’ve seen it happen, but it’s extremely rare. Is it possible that a site with a lot of authority can not be in the top ten with a very easy keyword… yes? I’ve seen that happen too.

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Why?… Who knows! Google can be very strange sometimes. However, these are outliers. These are not the norm. What we have outlined in this article is intended as a general guideline to give you an idea of ​​what you should realistically be targeting. There are no guarantees or definitions, but by staying within the appropriate proficiency levels for your site, you’ll be setting yourself up for the best chance of success!Usted lo ha hecho! El capítulo final de nuestro Curso acelerado de SEO. Es de esperar que haya aprendido algunas cosas en el camino y se sienta seguro de seguir adelante con sus campañas de SEO. En esta parte final del curso, solo quiero dar algunos pensamientos finales y algunos consejos y trucos útiles.

SEO siempre cambiante y siempre igual En este curso, hemos cubierto mucho. Hemos repasado la optimización del sitio, el contenido y la construcción de enlaces. Hemos hablado sobre lo que los motores de búsqueda quieren de sus sitios web, así como sobre las mejores formas de realizar una investigación de palabras clave para maximizar su tráfico gratuito. En el camino, también he discutido cómo eran las cosas en el pasado. Mencionando que alguna vez podías hacer esto o aquello para aumentar tu ranking y también decir cuántas de esas cosas ya no funcionan.

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