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There are 500 hours of face-to-face classes. Divided into 30 months and based at the av. Paulista. In sao paulo. Find below the axes of the curriculum matrix: business strategy. Economic scenarios and quantitative methods; strategic people management; financial management in sales; operations and information management; topics in business management; margin. Pricing and investment in promotional activities; commercial planning and ; sales marketing; sales techniques; trade marketing and sales contract management; after-sales and negotiation; sustainability and social responsibility; entrepreneurship; corporate governance and business ethics; business simulation applied to business.

Mba in sales and relationship management – espm/porto alegre-rs when we talk about marketing and sales. Espm is undoubtedly a reference school. Both in são paulo and in its unit located in porto alegre. Where this course is based. The mba in sales and relationship management develops knowledge and skills that enable the professional to profitably serve dynamic and competitive markets. Through innovative sales and relationship techniques and methods. It also addresses and deepens concepts related to sales strategy. Business management and planning. And relationship marketing. There are 420 hours of classes.

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The program below: fundamentals of financial Ivory Coast Phone Number management; analysis of the business environment; strategic marketing; leadership and team management; sales management; applied finance; customer management; b2b marketing; e-commerce; trade marketing; marketing of relationship; negotiation techniques applied to sales. 3. Mba sales management – fundace usp/ ribeirão preto fundace. Founded by usp ribeirão preto professors to promote greater integration between the university and the community. Has an interesting offer of postgraduate and mba courses in the region. Among them is the mba in sales management . The course was born from the demand to deal with increasingly complex market variables.

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The objective is to make sales in a highly competitive environment. With customers with increasingly complex decision-making processes. Local and global suppliers and increasingly smaller profit margins. In this mba. With 552 hours and 24 months of classes. The main subjects are: sales administration; economic scenarios in sales; business intelligence and sales research; market potential and sales forecast; sales plan; sales channel management; territory management; product and brand management; advertising and sales promotion; integrated sales systems; consumer behavior and sales market segmentation; cost management and pricing; sales tax management; sales process management; key account management; metrics for sales evaluation; sales team management.

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Development; negotiation; personal communication of the sales force; ethics and social responsibility. 4. Mba in commercial management – fgv/são paulo another renowned educational institution that offers an mba in sales is fundação getúlio vargas (fgv). The course takes place both at its unit in são paulo. At av. Paulista. As well as in other locations in brazil. The proposal of the mba in commercial management is to provide an environment for debates on commercial activity in organizations in a globalized context. Rich in experiences and learning. To this end. The program has 432 class hours. Divided into the following subjects: consumption and purchase decision process; price formation and administration; trade policy formulation; legal aspects in consumer relations; sales administration; building high performance teams; interpersonal and corporate

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