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funnel-builder-funnelflux-review This unique feature makes this tool a no-brainer for the more performance-oriented affiliate marketers. Similarly, There aren’t many funnel design tools that allow you to have a simple whiteboard where you can literally plan. Visualize, and optimize your assets, offers, and subscriptions to get. A clear picture of a customer’s web journey. You can clearly define each step and ensure that the right trackers are implemented with maximum efficiency. Without such responsive funnel builders, performance marketers use other. SaaS tools or pencil and paper to map out the buyer’s journey and visualize the gold experience.

Complete reports Being an avid affiliate marketer, I have never seen many tools perform the level of reporting that FunnelFlux does. They are so deep, comprehensive and advanced that you can delve into almost everything and keep track of every little detail. FunnelFlux allows Jamaica Phone Number you to aggregate your essential data and metrics from 20 different levels across different demographics, geographic locations, user behaviors, and more. There are over 60 key performance indicators that. You can track and acquire maximum data that can play a critical role in your campaign research.

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Lifetime data retention (only on self-hosted FunnelFlux) This feature makes FunnelFlux a reliable tool. Suppose you have signed up for a paid plan and decide to skip using it and not renew. Even after you do not sign up for the new plan, the FunnelFlux server will not delete your data. You can still access your old data on FunnelFlux for life. Not only that, but you can also keep the lifetime value of the customers that FunnelFlux allows you to retarget and communicate with through emails. 5. It Gives You Important Tech Capabilities With each FunnelFlux plan, you get at least one million visitors per month and unlimited domains.

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Not only that, other technical infrastructure includes high-precision IP and device data tracking, fast global redirects, 12-month data retention, and support for a ton of payment gateways. 6. Prices With each plan, you get unlimited personalized support, a funnel builder, and the ability to entertain at least a million visitors a month. Funnel flux Pro comes with a 14-day trial period. It has three plans: Core at $99/month, Growth at $299/month, and Scale at $499/month. FunnelFlux-funnel-tracker-pricing The self-hosted FunnelFlux costs $99/mo. You get unlimited traffic, lifetime data retention, automatic free updates, reliable customer support. FunnelFlux Review The first month of self-hosted FunnelFlux costs around $1.

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However, you can still claim a full refund within three days of billing. Conclusion: Should You Buy This Tool? FunnelFlux is a top-notch, robust affiliate tracking tool out there. It enables creativity, transparency, and reliability in all the tracking activities you do. That said, it does have recurring income, so it could be a bit of an expensive tool for many affiliate marketers. If you like intermediate and advanced affiliate marketing, then you can easily pay for FunnelFlux. However, if not, then you should still give it a try and test the tool within the trial period and see how it works. Let me know what you think about FunnelFlux after reading this blog. I’m excited to hear your thoughts, so please leave them below.

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