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The purple part of the chart represents other mobile phone manufacturers, some of them died in this war, and more changed their flags and joined the Android camp. Nokia had a chance to be a part of Android too, and more than once. No one knows what Nokia would look like today if that happened. From the 1970s, 1980s to 1990s, it is difficult for each generation to avoid group Denmark Cell Phone Number disputes. In the Internet age where everything is magnified , the post-90s label is becoming more and more representative, ego, maverick, unique innovation, heavy reliance on social media… We have already labeled the post-90s too much The label, of course, there is a very important label: entrepreneurship .

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Titanium Media interviewed four post-90s entrepreneurs who have received a lot of attention recently. They have very different personalities, but they continue to explore on the road to entrepreneurship with the mentality of breaking the existing industry rules. Their entrepreneurial fields involve traditional industries, O2O, Internet finance, and even aerospace… Like all Denmark Cell Phone Number entrepreneurs, they face the same challenges and face the problem of how to “subvert”. The editor of Titanium Media hopes to get some answers from their interviews.

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