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In previous tutorials, I have discussed how important backlinks are. If you haven’t fully understood yet, I’ll say it one more time. Backlinks are THE most important aspect of achieving a high ranking on Google . All the other aspects that we have discussed and will discuss are important, but nothing is as important as backlinks. Backlinks let Google know that your page is important and should rank. Now, this brings us to link building. What is link building? Link building is the process of actively trying to. Get backlinks from other websites and getting them to link to our site. By doing this, we are increasing the authority of our webpage/website.

Since getting links naturally can be very difficult, especially for certain types of websites. We will generally need to actively seek to get these links to help us rank better in Google. In the world of SEO, link building is generally divided into 2 types. White hat and black hat which are discussed in this tutorial. You will sometimes hear the term gray hat, which basically falls. Somewhere between white hat Belize Phone Numbers and black hat link building. These days, differentiating white hat from gray hat is getting harder and harder. So when I discuss white hat link building in the next tutorial, I’ll touch on gray hat methods as well. Blackhat, on the other hand, is usually pretty plain. It’s link building specifically to game the system. Without much regard to Google’s rules or guidelines.

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Things to know about link building Before you dive into link building, there are a few basic things you need to know first: page metrics Every web page has some sort of authority in the eyes of Google. This comes from a few different factors, but the biggest one is Google’s internal Pagerank calculation. Once upon a time, Google displayed its Pagerank calculation for each URL publicly. They would update all the Pagerank scores every few months, which gave you an idea of ​​the authority and power of a web page. This is no more, unfortunately. A few years ago Google stopped displaying Pagerank publicly.

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Since we could no longer go to Google to find the Pagerank of a web page or a website, third-party metrics started to appear and became more popular. The 2 most common are MOZ with its PA/DA (Page Authority and Domain Authority) calculations and Majestic with its TF/CF (Trust Flow and Citation Flow) calculations. Both companies use their huge link rates to try to calculate how Google might perceive the power and authority of each web page and website. When building links, it is very important to know the metrics and authority of web pages. Although people may argue with the validity of these third-party metrics, they at least give us an idea of ​​the value of a web page when it comes to link building. This leads us to link the juice.

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link juice Link juice is a term used to describe the amount of link power that flows through a backlink. To keep things simple, backlinks on pages with more authority (higher metrics) should flow more link juice to your web page, giving your page more authority. So using MOZ metrics, in theory, getting a backlink on a web page with a PA of 50 and a DA of 50 should pass more link juice than a page with a PA of 10 and DA of 10. This This, in turn, should make your page more powerful in the eyes of Google and help improve your rankings. Now, this is a very simple example.

Of course, there are other factors, such as the anchor text that is used in the link, as well as the relevance of the page that the backlink is on, which we will discuss below. There can be hundreds of other factors as well, but in general, links on pages with good metrics should be more powerful and useful for your ranking than links on pages and websites with lower metrics. anchor text We know that backlinks are a big part of Google’s algorithm when it comes to determining which pages should rank in their results. Within each backlink is an anchor text. The anchor texts pointing to a web page have been shown to be one of the biggest indicators of which pages will rank for which keyword terms.

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