Should Armenia Phone Number Engagement Really Matter to Marketers

Engagement. Our brands crave it, our audiences seem eager to participate in it. And our campaigns are designed to drive it. On the Armenia Phone Number surface, engagement often seems like an ideal goal for content marketers; but when you take a deeper look at how difficult it is to determine its value. You may want to rethink the role it plays in your strategy. Marketers’ troubling commitment to engagement. One of the biggest problems with committing to engagement. As a top marketing goal is the term itself. Marketers don’t agree Armenia Phone Number on how to define it. This is a sticky issue that Jonathan Crossfield discussed at length with a panel of experts at Content Marketing World 2019. You can listen to the full conversation in this.

The Armenia Phone Number Definition Got Muddled

Then Talking Points episode published in Chief Content Officer magazine. In the conversation, Jonathan contends that engagement. Once Armenia Phone Number meant something: capturing and holding audience attention. Sparking an interaction, or getting our brand’s message across. But somewhere along the way, the definition got muddled. Then To the point where marketers commonly liken it to. Then Awareness,” lump it in with vanity metrics. Or use it as a convenient catch-all for. A variety of results. They’re tasked with achieving. It feels, to me, like people define it in the way that best suits whatever they are trying to prove to Armenia Phone Number someone else. He says. People define engagement based on what best suits what they’re trying to prove. Says kimota via cmicontent. CMWorldCLICK TO TWEET Instead of marketers viewing engagement.

Impact Armenia Phone Number on Marketing Performance

Armenia Phone Number List
Armenia Phone Number List

But As a distinct step along the journey toward our business’s goals, engagement has become the goal itself. And this is problematic Armenia Phone Number because there’s little consensus on how to approach it through our marketing strategies, let alone how to measure its impact on marketing performance. Even worse: All the confusion surrounding engagement has some marketers – Jonathan’s panelists included – wondering if the term has become so meaningless that it should no longer matter to Armenia Phone Number marketers at all. HANDPICKED RELATED CONTENT: 4 Content Marketing Goals That Really Matter to the Business Mixed measurement metaphors If “engagement” is becoming meaningless, how did it happen?

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