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The competition is very difficult (Red) Since SEO is constantly changing. The actual score ranges for these tiers may also change slightly. If we feel the need to, but for the most part, they stay in the same range. The competition is very easy. This is the keyword difficulty slam dunk range . You probably won’t find many keywords in this range, and if you do, most of them probably won’t get much traffic (search volume). That may not matter though, even if you find a few with small amounts of traffic, they’re probably worth targeting. This is because these keywords should be incredibly easy to rank for. Keywords within this range have so little competition that it’s almost hard not to rank for them. Think of it this way.

Imagine that you enter a spelling bee with 11 people and the top 10 contestants win a prize. It’s not guaranteed that you’ll finish in the top 10, but it shouldn’t be that hard either if you just do a little preparation. Getting a top 10 ranking within this level of competition could be as easy as targeting the keyword. If you have an old site with medium-high authority and you target. The keyword correctly, chances are you can rank without even building backlinks. If you have a new site, you can probably  rank for a Switzerland Phone Number List keyword like this just by getting some easy backlinks from sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. Most likely, you won’t need to do much. This level shouldn’t take too long to rank up either.

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The competition is quite easy. This level of competition should still be fairly easy to rank up, but it may take a bit more effort to get the job done. A site that already has some authority built in should be able to get into the top 10 without much trouble. Once again, the site authority should do most of the work here. Maybe you need some backlinks, but it shouldn’t be a big deal. A new site will probably need some backlinks to break out of the top 10 at this level. You shouldn’t need much, but this level may require more off-page work than the first level. Some branded backlinks (as discussed in the crash course in SEO) and, if needed, maybe some more established links.

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This level may also take a little longer to qualify. An authority site might make it to the top 10 in a few weeks, but a new site might take a bit longer, maybe even a few months. Competition is easy to moderate This is where things start to heat up a bit. Sites with a fair amount of authority should still do well here. It may start to take a month or a couple of months, but authority alone can still be very helpful at this level. You might want to do some branding links, get a Twitter and Facebook post, or something that links to the page to help with things. Sites with low to medium authority will probably need to do a bit of work on the off-page end of things. You will also have to have a little patience.

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Keywords in this competition level range will generally not allow you to quickly break into the top 10 if your site is not an authority in the niche. It will take a few months, but patience is worth it. Newer sites need to prepare for the long haul. This is the range of competition newer sites should aim for for long-term rankings. By that, I mean keywords that you can actually rank for after 6-12 months to really start building your authority. If you have a newer site, think of this keyword range as your long-term goals. You should be able to find keywords that get a good amount of traffic in this range.

You won’t rank them tomorrow or even next week, but you can if you hold out for a few months. Competition is moderate This is the level where we should say goodbye to newer sites. If you have a newer site (less than 6-12 months), you probably shouldn’t think of any keywords in this range. Not to say that one day they won’t be feasible, but you must build authority before you even think about this range. The most authoritative sites can dabble in this range and have fun. Your authority alone probably isn’t enough to crack the top 10, but a little link building can get you there. It won’t be overnight, it won’t be next week either, but these keywords are still within reach if you have a good plan. Medium-low authority sites may consider this level as long-term keywords.

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