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Smart Insights never ceases to produce great reports and this one is no exception. They published this infographic to explain the types of bots that attack websites. The color green represents good bots and red is bad an idea. We’ve been familiar with since childhood that’s their first victory. Bot traffic report 2016Screenshot from Smart Insights January 2022 The infographic has a pie chart in the center. There’s nothing too special about it except that the lower. Part of the pie table down is slightly torn to the right of the page. Underneath the pie chart the news breakdown. Is followed by the same color and will give. The world a look at how to design good and bad bots. This idea can be easily reproduced in the tools report in your SEO report. You can use a pie chart for device.

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Separate them by browser type or model with the device lower on the Anhui Mobile Phone Number page. Most of our work as SEO experts is to make websites easier for users. By the same token Sometimes it can be difficult for our customers to really understand. So, one of my favorite things to do is share click maps with customers. Here’s an example from Lucky Orange that gives them a picture of what people click on most on their page. Equally important As you can see, looking at this photo can give. Anyone an idea of ​​where customers might be. To say nothing of Missing out making temperature mapping screenshot. From lucky orange January 2022. The best time to draw a hot map is for form.

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Comparing how the feature works on mobile vs desktop. Not surprisingly the following image won the world. Data visualization prize bubble map screenshot from. Information is beautiful January 2022 unlike a traditional. Bubble scheme this bubble drawing. Has a color code and has bubbles of different sizes. This is a great way to generate multiple metrics in one place in an understandable way. On the one hand, a bubble diagram is similar to a scatter. Line in the sense that it makes it easier to see the outliers. In my opinion, this is a good way to match the session vs. conversions of different keywords. I will also use the color group to represent different keyword groups and the bubble size represents.

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