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Whether you have affiliate marketing, email signups. Different landing page touchpoints, advanced routing, this software will leave no stone unturned to give. You hidden gems of data that can scale your marketing performance. Imagine you want to add trackers to a website and run various online marketing campaigns. You need to hire web developers and. Online marketers (from the channel you want to promote on, like social, search, paid, etc. To do the work for you.

It could create friction which will result in a long time. Also, you will have to expect the people on board to know a bit about marketing and web development. With FunnelFlux, you can do everything on your own. Even if you’ve written just one line of code, you can make FunnelFlux work for your site. FunnelFlux has self-hosted and managed plans that you can sign up for and install the tool on Jordan Phone Number your site. 5. Comparison: Self-Hosted and Managed FunnelFlux FunnelFlux provides two products, self-hosted and managed. Certainly his name is enough for the way both would work. So let’s have a detailed description of both. FunnelFlux-tracker-review 6. Self -hosted FunnelFlux As the name says, to install and use FunnelFlux on your site using a self-hosted product, you have to do a little to your server.

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You may need a bit of technical knowledge, such as learning about cPanel, database administration, and more. The point of making those small adjustments is to grant the required access to FunnelFlux and verify ownership of your website so that the tool can start crawling the details. FunnelFlux also shares that their process is very easy to use and anyone with a decent knowledge can install the tool on the server within 5 minutes. They will provide a deployment manager that website owners can use to deploy formulas to the server and manually install FunnelFlux. There’s a three-step process: create a database entry, copy three files, and follow the instructions afterward, and you’re all set.

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Also, to install FunnelFlux, you need PHP 5.6 or higher, along with a number of web development extensions. Almost all hosting providers support them, so no matter what hosting company you’re using, FunnelFlux will work efficiently on your site. 7. The cloud-based shared FunnelFlux The cloud-based version of FunnelFlux is

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the flagship product of the brand. As the name says, FunnelFlux is shared or cloud based. That is, it is a SaaS product that entrepreneurs and website owners can use to enable high-quality crawlers for the website. cloud-based funnelflux They call it FunnelFlux Pro. To use the tool, all you have to do is sign up for a FunnelFlux Pro account to verify their website, and you’re all set. FunnelFlux vs. Voluum – Best Affiliate Tracking Software When it comes to affiliate tracking software, FunnelFlux and Voluum are recognized tools in the market. But which is more reliable? Well, it depends on what campaigns you are running and what stage you are at in your affiliate marketing journey. Let me explain in detail.

FunnelFlux and Voluum are great tools that serve the same purpose and allow you to track your affiliate links and marketing campaigns with utmost ease. That said, Voluum’s basic plan will lock you out of so many necessary features that you’ll need to track your affiliate links. You get a limited comprehensive reporting structure, basic rules, and redirect meta update modes. Also, if you work with a team and want to work collaboratively, you have to take the $449/month plan, which is extremely expensive. That said, Voluum has impressive features like shared workspaces, multi-currency support, dynamic alerts, comprehensive anti-fraud mechanism, user-friendly design, and more.

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