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Again, there is nothing wrong with this when done naturally and on a small scale. However, when automated and done by the hundreds, it could raise some red flags for Google. Free blog links (also called Web 2.0) These types of links are on sites like, Tumblr, Livejournal, etc. The software will create an account on these sites with a blog, then publish an article (usually rotated) with your links included. Although getting links on sites like and Tumblr can be great, this type of software usually only creates 1-page blogs with low-quality content. These blogs are usually removed after a while, but can be beneficial in the short term. Article Directory Links Just talking about article directory links takes me back to my early SEO days.

Back then, all that was cool was to write an article (or spin an article) and then submit it to sites like EzineArticles and Hubpages with your backlinks in the resource box. This was very powerful back then, not so much now. If you can get your article published to some high Argentina Phone Numbers List quality article directories, it may help your ranking a bit, but these tools usually send them en masse to low quality article directories made up mostly of other spun articles. I’d be surprised if these links are of any use.

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wiki links These were another popular a few years ago. The software will go and create pages on wiki sites that allow you to create free pages. Now I know what you’re thinking… Wikipedia and Wikihow links? Those would be great! Not so fast. The sites that are produced by these tools are once again poor quality, unmaintained wiki sites that now have thousands of pages of irrelevant content cluttering up your wiki. You definitely don’t get links on Wikipedia. Black Hat Link Building Software Overview This is just a summary of the most popular types of links. Some of the tools have more types of links, options, bells and whistles. I don’t want to make it seem like these tools have no value…

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They do! It’s just not long-term value. Most of the best automated software introduce new types of links or techniques that work for a short while until Google starts to close the gap. So they can definitely help you rank for a while. If you’re in it to churn and burn, then choosing some of these tools might be right for you. PBN As you may have noticed, a lot of the types of links I mentioned above were about the fact that I feel like they don’t work well anymore. When it comes to PBN, this is not the case. PBNs, when done right, are probably the most effective link building tactic for ranking high and fast.

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PBN stands for “private blog network” or “public blog network”. Again, I feel like the term is a bit dated because not all PBNs are related to blogs, but that’s how the SEO world refers to them, so who am I to reinvent the wheel? What are PBNs? PBNs are networks of sites, usually with good SEO metrics that are made to look like real, everyday websites with the primary intention of being link building entities. People create PBNs usually by buying expired domains that have good backlink profiles and then repurposing them to look like real active sites.

They will then place articles with backlinks on them all over the site. There are many levels of PBN out there. Some still use low-quality tactics, spin articles and saturate the site with backlinks. Others go to great lengths to make the sites look as real as possible. The articles are of high quality and the backlinks are placed as they would be in the real world. They also use several different hosts and other methods to ensure that sites are unfingerprinted so that Google knows they are PBN. As the saying goes, you usually get what you pay for.

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