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It is worth List of Mobile Phone Numbers noting that we found that the number of audiences who mentioned “want to see how bad it is” reached 0.24%, which is very close to the number of “bad people in the crowd 0.20%” in the praise. These “ulterior motives” audiences have also boosted the box office to a certain extent. It seems that, as Feng Xiaogang sighed in the movie, “there are bad people in the masses”! so the proportion of women in  the audience sampling is generally higher than that of men. The repeated emphasis in the film of “completing others, disgusting yourself” seems to be Feng Xiaogang’s self-mockery through this film. However, whether “Fulfilling Others” will fulfill Huayi, fulfill the box office or fulfill the audience, we don’t know.

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After the meeting, many investors complained that the film was disappointing, causing Huayi’s stock price to tumble by the limit the next day. So, what is the financial personage’s evaluation of “Personal Order”? We selected 4,362 V-certified financial industry practitioners List of Mobile Phone Numbers on Sina Weibo, and found that financial professionals gave “Personal Customization” a comprehensive score of 5.72. They are stricter than the audience, but more forgiving than the film critics.  But “Personal Order” has more audiences born in the 1990s and 1970s, and the age span is wide.

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“Personal Order” is not as bad as “legendary”, and 70% of the audience gave positive and neutral comments. Critics and audience evaluations, especially on more controversial films, do have some differences. However, they can also reach a consensus. For example, the ratings List of Mobile Phone Numbers for “Thailand” are basically the same. From the perspective of overall reputation, whether it is film critics, financial professionals or ordinary audiences, the reputation of “Personal Order” is lower than that of the comedy film “Thailand” in the same period last year.

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