Someone Comes Up With an Idea for Latvia Phone Number

someone comes up with an idea for a brilliant solution. It elegantly solves a problem and delivers something of real value to your customers. Everyone in the room is excited… until reality smacks you in the face. The reality may be that the timeline for building the product is unrealistic or that there’s no room in the budget to fund it. Or it may be that it doesn’t seem feasible until three other priorities are addressed first. The most common response to this problem is to acknowledge the reality and put the idea on a future “wish list,” ultimately avoiding the tough conversation that is the very thing your team needs you to lead. Don’t take the lazy approach – push harder! The job of the CEO is to push and prod. To dig beneath the surface and empower people to creatively solve problems. Extend your meeting an hour.

Challenge your team to not leave the room until a solution emerges.

And, most importantly, get right into the trenches with them to help figure it out. Never Be Lukewarm I can work with people who have a negative attitude. Latvia Phone Number Sometimes they can be a useful foil, forcing me to consider all angles of a problem and come up with better solutions. But I absolutely can’t stand people who are lukewarm. If there’s a fire, I don’t want people who stand there and tell me there’s a fire. Either run toward it and help or get out of the way. I love creative tension. If I’m in a meeting and someone disagrees with my approach, I say bring it. And I try to hold myself to the same standard. If someone brings me an idea or a solution for a challenge they have identified, I don’t want them to walk away from my desk without feeling like we have a resolution or an action plan. Rock the Boat and Challenge Norms From day one,


I made it clear that Marketo team members have an extraordinary opportunity

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With our scale, products, and customer base, we can do more than ride the wave of technological change—we can lead it. But we can’t do it if we believe in the old fallacy that the thing that worked yesterday will work tomorrow. In any large organization, you’ll find people who are excited to shake things up and push themselves, their teams, and their companies to be better… and you’ll find others who are generally happy with the status quo and don’t feel any urgency to change. A CEO’s job is to identify those who are willing to take risks, rock the boat and then give them the chance to shine. Promote them to a job that’s just a bit beyond their reach and let them push themselves. Follow the One Lesson That Matters Most It’s impossible to do all of the things I’ve described without ruffling some feathers. And that’s ok—if it’s done respectfully and humbly.

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