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But in the 21st century, the benefits of digital transformation are staggering. Spee ​​is no longer the only benefit, as everything from interactivity to accessibility is influence by the convenience, power and versatility of digital technology. With the rapid development of technology, digital transformation is propelling businesses forward. Having knowledge and digital talent will drive business success and leverage these resources to gain a competitive advantage. In this article, we explore what businesses should do and the digital transformation skills they nee to improve performance, customer engagement, and profits. 1. Digital Literacy This goes without saying, but businesses should never take the basics of digital for grante. A recent study, “The New Landscape of Digital Literacy.

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How Unbalance Digital Skills in Workforces Affect Economic Mobility and Business Competitiveness, and What Policymakers Can Do” found that one-third of U.S. workers Uganda Mobile Number List lack basic digital skills. In particular, 13% have no digital skills and 18% have very limite skills. With that in mind, assuming some potential employees are digitally literate is not an easy task. Most people are probably familiar with publishing content using social media, but many may not know how to perform advanced tasks on these channels, such as creating paid ads or analyzing performance. Your business also needs people who can use online tools such as business communication centers, Slack or video conferencing platforms, Zoom or master content creation programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator, or analytics software such as Google Analytics.

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It would be unwise to assume that everyone in the company can use these programs interchangeably without difficulty. There are always new software, algorithms, computing languages, online standards and protocols being developed. Make sure your employees stay on top of the next big digital marketing trend so they know what to focus on. Your business should also find ways to reward and facilitate progress in digital literacy within the company. This can be as simple as offering short courses in areas such as digital marketing, allowing employees to earn professional certification upon completion. Ignoring technology can lead to being left behind and irrelevant in a competitive business environment.

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