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That’s why so many marketers and SEOs advocate for lengthier blog posts and articles. Studies support the case too, including one from Backlinko that shows long-form content Anhui Mobile Phone Number generates more backlinks. HANDPICKED RELATED CONTENT: How to Choose a Successful Topic for Your Next Guest Article Discover the Secrets to Successful Content Creation 3. Be readable The third way to create valuable content is simple, but many people get it wrong. It’s all about readability. That Anhui Mobile Phone Number doesn’t mean just using correct spelling and grammar. It’s also about: Writing to your audience’s level of understanding Writing for the medium on which your words will appear (that means electronic screens both big and small).

Extreme Anhui Mobile Phone Number Example of Terrible

Writing for clarity and meaning Formatting the text clearly and logically using readability principles like hierarchy, white space, contrast, Anhui Mobile Phone Number and consistency. Readability is about more than spelling and grammar, says JuliaEMcCoy via cmicontent. CMWorldCLICK TO TWEET Here’s an extreme example of terrible readability in the design sense: Ouch. Think of it this way. If your Anhui Mobile Phone Number text isn’t readable on a basic level, readers will leave before they reach the end of the first paragraph. They’ll never get a chance to digest your awesome content because they’ll be too put off and annoyed.

Content Anhui Mobile Phone Number Provides Nothing New


If your copy isn’t readable on a basic level, readers will leave before they reach the end of the first paragraph, says JuliaEMcCoy via Anhui Mobile Phone Number cmicontent. CMWorldCLICK TO TWEET TIP: To assess the school grade-level readability of your content, you can use this free tool. HANDPICKED RELATED CONTENT: Content Readability: A Primer Successful Content Is Ridiculously Easy to Use 4. Have a point of view Does valuable content look, read, and feel like every other piece on the topic? No. If your content provides nothing new, gives the answers everyone else is giving, and sounds the same as your industry Anhui Mobile Phone Number peers, it only adds to the noise. Instead, differentiate with your content. (I call this your CDF or “content differentiation factor.”) Give your readers a fresh view of a tired topic.

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