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During the same presentation Dixon jones XEO of DHJ. Ventures referred to George Washington’s google knowledge. Base to highlight the interrelationships of the algorithms. George Washington’s Google Knowledge Base with related branches. This is a good example of what Google can get about a company and an idea he said. Google knows the time of his birth the time of his death and all sorts of other important dates. Google can link this to other presidents right now and can create additional images of other presidents. For example Jones provided a photo of the beer and its related components shown below. The table shows the various relationships between beer types based on style brand etc. This chart] shows that German beer is an element in. That concept and German lager is part of a larger family he said.

It Is Connected to the Munich

Lager and the Vienna Lager and an example of the Vienna Lager is the Samuel Adams Boston Lager. The best way to help google understand all of these. Points is to provide a schema to give it context he added. Schema data helps the crawler better Luxembourg Phone Number understand the elements inside by identifying related topics. By using JSON code vendors can create strategies that provide a clearer picture of their organization to search engines. There are many free schema creators to help with this task. You need content to explain the right type of branch. You need the schema to help define the right type of. Make sure that everything that happens inside is damaging what’s in the core components.

The Department Helps Identify Gaps

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Between topics and objectives if you want to improve. Content in the modern mum and Bert world you need to look. At the gaps between branches topics and schema jones said. Jones provided an example shown below. Of this identification process using the location. Page of a Los Angels pastry shop called sprinkles. By using crawling software it was able to identify missing topics branches and schemas compared to competitors. Pages that compete with the idea of ​​a la cake shop. Talking about cake and bread and cake and chocolate and a lot of options. Jones said sprinkles talk about most of those things too but. They’re not talking about cake or chocolate so they’re elements to be discussed.

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