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Keysearch Explorer gives you a lot to work with, but there’s more! Website Ranking/Traffic Checker Now head over to the keyword research page. When you check the SEO difficulty for a keyword, you’ll see the usual. SERP analysis and breakdown of first page results. In addition to that, you now have the option to see the total rankings and traffic for each URL that ranks on the first page. However, We also show you total rankings and traffic at the domain level. Just click on the Rankings/Traffic tab and it will load all these stats for you. It doesn’t stop there. Clicking on any of the stats will load an Explorer-like popup.

If you click on a number in the URL (or Domain) Rankings column, it will show you the top 1,000 keywords for that URL (or domain) sorted by ranking position. The same goes for clicking on the traffic stats, but this will sort the results by traffic estimates instead. Keyword discovery Poland Phone Number List through traffic estimates Ok cool, that’s nice and elegant, but how does this help me? Are you ready to blow your mind? Well, maybe I’ve taken it too far :). However, I know that when we were building this feature and I started to realize what I was about to show you, excitement washed over me when I started to see the potential here.

The More Effective Your Strategy Is,

Honestly, it has forever changed my entire keyword research process. The above stats are for the keyword term “dog behavior training”. Let’s click to show the traffic from the first ranked URL. This will sort the ranking keywords for that URL by traffic. Here we can see all the top keywords that are generating traffic for this particular URL. It basically shows us the long-tail keyword potential we could have if we rank a page for this keyword! What does this mean? We now have the ability to see the true ranking potential of a keyword. When we decide to target a keyword (“dog behavior training”), we’re not just going to rank for that keyword. Google is going to rank us for similar variations and other long phrases that our content refers to.

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By seeing which keywords are driving traffic for these top URLs, we get a window into not only the potential we may have, but also what Google WANTS us to give them to rank for. Considering that we have all this data at our fingertips, how are we going to use it correctly? drive more traffic The first place to start is to optimize your content for these traffic-driving keywords. Top URLs show us a clear path to getting more traffic for each keyword we target. Let them help us! If I am creating a post on “dog behavior training” I will make sure to include references to dog problems, dog misbehavior, dog problems, etc.

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I can even make them focal points of my content to get me started. reaping the long-tail rewards these other URLs get. I would even recommend going back and tweaking the old content to see if there are any themes you can add. Why not maximize each piece of content to its maximum traffic potential? We are using the search results and these traffic estimates almost as a way to deconstruct the Google algorithm. They show us what topics we can expect within our content to rank on page. 1 and also give us insight into other topics that they feel are similar. See the true traffic potential. Another way to use this data is to assess the true traffic potential of a keyword target.

By examining the estimated traffic for these top results, we can assess whether a keyword is actually worth searching for. As we can see above, the top 2 URLs are generating a very good amount of traffic. However,  I would say that most of us would be very happy to have a blog post or content that generates this much traffic per month. I know you would! As you move down the top 10. Moreover, The traffic decreases unsurprisingly as the URLs are not as powerful and would not rank for many of the other related terms. However, in general, this keyword has a lot of potential traffic. If I was contemplating targeting it and thought I had a shot at the top 10, it would definitely be worth the time and effort in my opinion.


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