The Inner Critic Unmasked Your Inner Critic is Often

your worst enemy! But did you know that you can also make that critical voice work for you? Transform it from opponent to ally. In this practical book you will learn, among other things, how to deal with a ‘critic attack’ and how that inner critic can become an intelligent, alert and supportive life partner.

Dirk Berkers recommends the book on LinkedIn : “A practical plea to be less critical in our daily work and beyond. ”

8. Creative Writing

With language you can (re)write your past and future, and build or tear down a world. Know what you say reveals the hidden power of different dimensions within language and communication. By reading this book, you learn what you really say, how certain situations come Tunisia Phone Number across to you and the role that language plays in this. But also how you use language to come up with new ideas, to inspire, convince, decide and to create a new reality with a fresh look.

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Charlotte Meindersma writes in her review : “In his book, [Ishak] tells you what questions to ask yourself, which tropes you can apply and how to use a system with which you can write creative copy.” According to her, it is a very practical book that combines background and content with good examples. You don’t get stuck with theory, so you can immediately start writing inspired after your holiday!

How to Win Friends and Influence People

We conclude with this bestseller from 1936(!). It is one of the best known books on motivation. Dale Carnegie argues that success comes primarily from the ability to express ideas, demonstrate leadership, and generate enthusiasm in others. He teaches you 3 techniques for dealing with people, 6 ways to make yourself loved, 12 steps to convince people and 9 ways to change people without causing irritation. That’s a lot of value for one book.

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