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Here’s how to do it. Go to the Keysearch Backlink Checker in the Competitive Analysis section. So for this example, I’m going to use my brother’s business. He owns a moving company in Brooklyn. Let’s say he wanted to find backlink opportunities for his website. I would google and find some URLs of his competitors. In this example, one of them that I found was I would search the URL in the search box and then open the filter and change to only show dofollow links.

Why not! If I’m going to get some links, I’ll first see if I can get some links that pass link juice. A lot of times I won’t bother to just filter dofollow, but you guys wanted an SEO trick, right? So why not go for the taste? So now that I’ve loaded my competitor’s backlinks and got it to only Sweden Phone Number List show Dofollow links, I can basically look and see what links I can get as well. For this example I immediately see 2 links with good domain strength (DS). The 2 highlighted in the image below are business directory sites that I can easily submit my website to and get the same links.

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So I’ve already found 2 great links that are super easy to get and I’m just getting started! I’m sure there are plenty of other links I could find on directories, forums I could sign up for, free sites to submit to, or just contacting site owners to ask them to add me to articles or lists. This is an amazing way to find great link opportunities. After searching for a few competitors, I was able to have dozens of new backlinks with great metrics! Include the year in your keywords or titles This is such a simple trick and at the same time it works so well. If you’re looking to sidestep some of the competition for really tough keywords, add the year in your article titles or backlink anchor texts.

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For example, if you want to write an article on “Best Baby Strollers”, there is probably a lot of competition. If you instead write a “Best Baby Strollers for 2017” article, you can rule out many competitors, as many of them may not be search-optimized with the year included. This isn’t a magic bullet, but it can help you get some long-tail traffic if you can use it. I once made a killing on a small niche site that was only capturing traffic for keywords in my niche and the year. I wasn’t able to rank well for the top keywords, but optimizing some of my articles and backlinks to include the year made a big difference.

Mining for Uptrends We Don’t Have to Stop There Either.

Use Authority Sites for Rankings Have you ever noticed how many YouTube, Facebook, and Yelp pages show up in search results? These are just some of the sites you can use for rankings and traffic, especially when you are just starting your site. If your website doesn’t have much authority yet, it will be difficult to rank. Using sites that are already authoritative for your own benefit can be very beneficial and a great way to start the traffic flowing. Get accounts on Youtube, Facebook, Yelp or whatever works for you and your site. Then start using these entities to target keywords. Found an easy keyword but your site is still too new to rank? Make a Youtube video optimized for the keyword with a link to your site in the description.

The same goes for Facebook. Make a Facebook post optimized for the keyword and use the power of these domains to do the ranking for you. These domains are already authoritative and you can put these pages in the top 10 of Google without doing anything else. Use Paid Traffic to Optimize and Build Links I know what you’re thinking… “If I wanted to pay for traffic I wouldn’t need to do SEO!” Trust me, I totally get it, but there is a method to this madness. Buying some paid traffic, especially early on, can be a very cheap way to optimize your site to convert well and build backlinks as well. Natural backlinks will not appear unless you have traffic. Once you start getting those backlinks, you’ll move up the rankings and the traffic will come on its own.

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