The unfinished road to marriage equality: After same-sex marriage is legal,

Physician Wu Wu My thoughts on gay couples are simple, they should have equal rights as well. Based on this position, I am 100% in favor of same-sex marriage. However, I always thought that the “Artificial Reproduction Law” was also amended at the same time when the bill was passed, so that lesbians and heterosexuals (Mr. Sperm is rare, azoospermia) can accept sperm donation, and can be conceived through artificial insemination or embryo implantation. Until they walked into my clinic… “There is no heartbeat. It looks like a shrunken embryo. It needs medical abortion. I will try harder in the next cycle. Which doctor are you looking for for artificial insemination?” I said. “We are DIY!” the two of them replied after listening to me. I just realized that their efforts are different from others.

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“Artificial Nigeria Phone Number Reproduction Law” is currently only applicable to heterosexual couples, if lesbians want to get pregnant, most of them can only use the form of “autologous sperm drip” at home, and inject semen into the vagina through a needleless syringe. Without the assistance of professional technology, the success rate of artificial insemination is definitely much lower than that performed in a medical institution. arrow_forward_iosunderstand more Powered by GliaStudio In addition, the semen obtained by yourself is not washed, and it is more likely to cause contraction and pain after injection. Every miscarriage, every failure, and the helplessness of finding sperm again is a pain and suffering for them. What is even more frustrating is that if artificial insemination fails for many times, we generally recommend that the patient switch to in vitro treatment,

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And retrieve the eggs after ovulation stimulation

So that the sperm and eggs are fertilized in vitro and then implanted in the body. This method has more medical interventions and a higher success rate. However, although it is technically feasible, it is currently only applicable to heterosexual couples due to legal provisions. They are excluded. For me, there is a sense of the absurdity of “there are better ways and medicines to help them, but the law says I can’t”. In order to understand where the “stuck” on this issue is and what can I do, last month, I participated in the Green Party’s “How far is the road to equality when it comes to fertility?” Happiness and happiness and then what? After the anniversary of the special law, the dilemma and unfinished road of marriage equality” discussion. Let me start with the conclusion. In my opinion,

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