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Punctuation, spelling, grammar, etc. The tool also lets you create citations and add them to your article. In the free version, you can get unlimited quotes but only 20 writing suggestions. Written citations are nothing more than references to some work that you mentioned in Honduras Phone Number your article (I.E. Indicating the source of the information). Grammarly is an expert tool for identifying a wide variety of spelling, grammar, punctuation, writing style, and sentence structure errors. Except for some advanced features like plagiarism check, vocabulary enhancement, you can rely on grammarly free to create flawless content. #18 grammar vs. Easybib easybib is almost a type of tool similar to bibme.

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The tool helps you check plagiarism, grammatical errors and create citations. Only the allocation of resources in its free and paid version differs from bibme. As mentioned Honduras Phone Number in the above comparison between grammarly and bibme, easybib can be a better choice for students to create assignments and academic papers. Therefore, include easybib in this comparison article: grammarly vs other writing tools. But grammarly is available for everyone catering to the needs of any writer. #19 grammar vs. Authenticate ithenticate is a professional plagiarism program for academics, publishers, and government organizations.

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If you want to make sure your legal documents are unique, use ithenticate. Like grammarly, ithenticate compares your documents with over 60 billion pages guaranteeing its originality. If you are just looking for a plagiarism check feature for your online documents or posts, grammarly would be overqualified. Otherwise, if you want to create a unique document from scratch, prefer grammarly which Honduras Phone Number comes with the built-in plagiarism checker module. #20 grammarly vs. Perfectit (smart edit) perfectit is a smart editing and proofreading tool for professional writers and editors. The tool can even locate undefined abbreviations and works with all types of documents. You can assign your content between american, british, american or australian english slang. But you don’t have a free version of this tool. Use its trial version before.

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