The word “Wokisme”, derived from black civil rights in the United States, has set off a

With less than a few months left until the French presidential election in April (2022), the presidential candidates of traditional political parties have positioned themselves in the near future and are ready to start their full sprint for the election. Excluding the current

French President Emmanuel Macron

who is not expected to publicly Slovenia Phone Number announce his re-election campaign until February next year, the French Republican Party (Les Républicains) is the latest mainstream party to determine a presidential candidate. It was only on December 4 that 150,000 party members decided that Valérie Pécresse, the first female candidate in party history, would challenge the throne at the Elysee Palace.

Pekeres defeated Eric Ciotti, the party’s tougher-on-immigration

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And rule-of-law candidate in the second round of voting, showing that the mainstream Republican party still takes a relatively moderate line, but for the sake of Avoid voters who support Ciotti and switch to other more right-wing candidates, such as Marine Le Pen or the new Éric Zemmour. The main axis of the election campaign will not be too far away from the traditional core issues of the right, such as immigration, the rule of law, sovereignty, and republican spirit.

Interestingly, when the Republican Party was conducting its presidential primaries, a term from English suddenly appeared in French political discussions. Presidential candidates responded. Let’s take a closer look at the origin of the word “Wokisme” and why it entered the French presidential debate. From Black Civil Rights Movement to Black Lives Matter Before talking about “Wokisme”, it may be better to explain it from its prototype “Woke”.

The literal translation of Woke in Chinese is awakening, awakening, or awakening, which refers to perception, awareness, and awareness of something. According to the French media Le Monde. Those who oppose slavery use this word to call on the American people to wake up and not continue to maintain such a system that endangers human rights.

During the black civil rights movement in the 1960s, the well-known human rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King once gave a school speech, encouraging the young students in the audience to stay “awake” in the era of great change and become “Awake”. Generations of Action,” Woke and awak began to creep into the everyday vocabulary of African Americans.

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