Themes Such As Entrepreneurs In Difficult

Corporate communication advisor

Are you a senior corporate communication advisor looking for a position in which you are really meaningful, namely for entrepreneurs in the Netherlands? At KVK you can get started with current and important social themes such as entrepreneurs in difficult weather, society’s call for more privacy, the impact of the war in Ukraine on entrepreneurs. Became curious? Then read on quickly.

Because of your experience in working on complex (communication) files, you know how to make an impact and achieve results.


What is your strength?

Your heart will beat faster if you can work on social themes, close to current events. You deal with, for example, the tension between privacy and legal Argentina Phone Numbers certainty, sustainable business and changing laws and regulations that have an impact on entrepreneurs.

You are also involved in developments that affect the organisation, the brand and the reputation. If an issue arises, you know what to do. You can switch quickly, are politically sensitive and know how to arrive at a sound strategic communication assessment. And you can translate these into concrete actions in which you work from your conviction that you never do communication alone.

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This is where you come to work

You will work at the Corporate Communication department, which consists of approximately 20 communication specialists. Within the department, each team has its specialism: Corporate Communication (where you will be working), Design & Print, Internal Communication, Spokesperson and Social Media. We are a very accessible team with short lines. You get a lot of freedom and confidence to do your work your way. Humor is a major connecting factor within our team.

The structure of our team is very diverse in terms of age, male/female ratio and background. We interact in a fun, informal way. At the same time, we are always alert to what is happening in and around the Chamber of Commerce. If necessary, we take action immediately, involve the right people and ensure that we do everything we can to solve a (potential) issue as quickly and effectively as possible.

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