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Important Inbound Marketing Models sales funnel model The sales funnel model is a visual model used by an enterprise’s sales team to understand the sales process in marketing. The model breaks down each stage of the buyer’s journey. Some businesses may express or label their sales funnel differently, but here’s a general structure for showing the stages. They are: Awareness : The customer already understands the business and the types of services it provides. The marketing efforts paid off and caught their attention. Discovery : The customer discovere a product that looke interesting. They have become leaders. Comments : Customers weigh the pros and cons of buying the product. They have done their research and become marketing qualifie leads.

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They’ve been wondering if they can afford the product. Intent : The customer has made a decision to buy the product. They are now calle Sales Qualifie Leads. Purchase : The Senegal Mobile Number List customer purchase the product of their choice. Loyalty : If satisfie, customers know the business that sold them is competent and plan to buy from them again. They may have written a review or fille out a survey to express their feelings about the product. flywheel model The flywheel model is a visual marketing model launche by HubSpot on behalf of lead generation. It’s similar to a sales funnel, but shaped like a wheel instead of a funnel, and the visualization works a little differently. The two models follow similar steps. The flywheel has three main principles that play an important role in an inbound marketing approach; Attraction, Engagement, and Delight.

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Attract You must advertise your brand sufficiently to attract potential customers. This is similar to the awareness category on the sales funnel model. Engagement : At this point in the sales funnel, customers are considering, evaluating, and forming decisions about the product. Engage them with any type of content tailore to their specific needs. Joy : At this point, the customer has decide and purchase the product. They are sales-qualifie prospects. After they are satisfie with the product and/or service, they become promoters. All in all, as the buyer completes each stage from awareness to loyalty, the relationship between people and businesses goes from strangers to leads to customers to promoters, which leads to more strangers becoming leads, customers,* Eventually become a promoter.


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