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The theme must have compatibility with the latest version of WordPress. The theme must be responsive (able to change the layout on a mobile device).  Start typing Yes… Start writing from today. Your blog is nothing without you. All you’ll have to do to turn it into a blog is start writing today . No matter how good you are at English, no matter how knowledgeable you are about your subject. And no matter how you feel about your writing. Your blog will grow by itself and only when you start writing. Over time, you will start to get ideas for writing and your readers will start to enjoy/read what you say. But the first thing is to WRITE .

You can use grammar checking tools like Grammarly and ProWritingAid to easily write error-free content. Get help from your friends, read more about your topic. Pay attention to the newspaper and start collecting new ideas about your topic. You are one step away from opening the Uruguay Phone Number door of blogs. Make money online: An interesting topic to talk about. In my previous article, I talked about how to start blogging, where I shared some of the basics of starting a blog. Continuing the series, today I am going to write how to make money blogging. The questions “how to make money blogging” or “how to monetize a blog. May be troubling you because starting a blog and making real money from it are two different things.

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This is my favorite topic as I have tried numerous methods to monetize my blog over the last 3 years (including micro jobs) and had good success with all of them. If you are a newbie (or an intermediate blogger) who has just started blogging, this article will show you the best working methods to make money blogging. You may be using some of them, where some of them will be new to you. But reading this article will give you a new perspective to use different methods on your blog to make money from it. Let’s see how to make money blogging with the right methods. 1.

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Monetize with Google AdSense AdSense is a platform powered by Google that gives you the freedom to display related ads on your blog. To get approved by AdSense, you’ll need to submit your blog onThey will ask you for things like name, address, blog URL, blog topic, and many other things. Just fill out the form carefully and submit it. People at Google will review your form manually and approve if it meets the quality guidelines. Note : For India, they approve websites that are at least 6 months old. 2. Show banner ads This is one of the best methods that all big companies use. They charge a fixed amount of money from different companies who want to display their banners on their websites.

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The display banner monetization method works on a monthly basis, where companies pay money up front before displaying their ads on their blog. Sites like BuySellAds is one of the largest marketplaces for buying and selling banner ads. Here is a screenshot of a website that asks for different prices for different banner sizes on their blog. how to make money blogging Let’s do a little calculation: Total printing : 3,550,000 Price : $5 per thousand impressions. 3,550,000/1000 = 3,550 Total amount per individual banner (for one month) = 3,550 x 5 = $17,750 . They are earning $17,750 from a single banner ad. Please note that they are also selling 3 other listings. 3. Write a review about the products Many of the reviews you read about various products are paid reviews . Yes.. It’s the hard truth .

Companies pay bloggers a lot to write positive reviews about products. Therefore, you can introduce some companies and ask them to write reviews about their products and promote them with the authority of your blog. I did a hangout on how to get paid reviews a few months ago, which you can see below. 4. Text links in articles Many companies just want a text link within their article to do SEO of their website. So you can write a relevant article on your blog and insert that company’s link anywhere in the post with proper context. 5. Make videos about the product If you have a popular blog, companies will pay you much more if you can do a video review of their products. Video is a great way to spread information in a very short time. 6.

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