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Also, sometimes pages get indexed but don’t stay there. This happens because search engines decide that two pages of content may be too similar to already indexed pages. Lastly, just because your pages are indexed doesn’t mean they will attract the right audience to your website. Google’s Panda algorithm, launched in 2011, continues to get better at recognizing content that doesn’t help visitors. Google will also penalize your site if its content is extremely poor. Google’s panda climbing a stack of logs Myth #12: Good user experience is not a requirement defines user experience, or UX for short, as “a person’s perception of and response to design elements of software or digital media while interacting with them.

Now, this may sound confusing, but it really isn’t. User experience is all about making sure your website traffic can easily use your website and reach their desired locations with ease. For example, when you are in a grocery store, the islands are numbered and then defined Honduras Cell Phone Numbers by what each island contains. Now imagine going to a grocery store without any directions on where to find something. That would be a terrible experience because there is no direction. The same idea applies to websites. Make sure that when users visit your web page, they are enjoying their experience. Google judges your website based on user experience by looking at their analytics.

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How long did it take to load your website? Do users immediately leave your site when they enter (bounce rate)? How long do visitors stay on a page? Do your users go to other pages of your website? Google uses this information to determine if your site has quality content. So once again, quality content is king when it comes to SEO. Myth #13: Local SEO is not important This here is key for small and local businesses. Google pigeon sitting on a wire essence If you are a local business, you want to do local SEO. Local SEO takes into account the location of the user when performing a search.

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The majority of local searches come from a mobile device. According to, “88% of consumers searching for a type of local business on a mobile device call or visit that business within 24 hours.” This statistic demonstrates the importance of local SEO. In July 2014, Google released its Pigeon algorithm. The algorithm changed the way Google looked at local search rankings. Google now sees local search rankings like traditional search rankings. This algorithm also evaluates the distance of the user and companies when determining rankings.

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Local SEO is more important now than ever. Myth #14: Google doesn’t know if I have bad sites linking to me Like Big Brother, Google knows everything (creepy, I know). As the old saying goes, one bad apple (link) can spoil the whole group (website). So insignificant, I know. The point is that Google knows which websites are credible and which are not. You only want credible sources that link to your website.

Google Penguin with outstretched wings standing on ice Since the Google Penguin update, you can be penalized for having bad backlinks. It’s okay if this happens to you because there is a solution for that. Reject those links on your site and your problem will be solved! Myth #15: Images don’t require any optimization Image optimization is a very important aspect of on-page SEO. Image optimization is a pretty broad term, but it essentially means making sure your images have a small file size, have a proper file name, add alt text, and use subtitles where appropriate.

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