To New Consumers: I talked about 20 brands, recognized the reality, and how to deal with it?

In this article, I talked about 20+ brands Sweden Phone Number during this period of time: those with factory shutdowns, those with sales cut in half, those with growth against the trend, and those who have come to their senses. Share with you, how should To New Consumers entrepreneurs deal with it? (PS: If you are an e-commerce brand and encounter difficulties at present, you can come to me and provide marketing advice within your ability)

Review: Capital

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The wave of new consumption, accompanied by the inflow and outflow of capital, brings fiery and calmness. A few years ago, the TMT track had few opportunities, and new consumer track opportunities emerged. Therefore, the incoming capital not only brought money, but also brought the way of thinking about investing in TMT.

That’s it: spending money to get the lead and win the track.

As a result, various brands scrambled to get investment, smash promotion, and pull new ones to GMV. GMV is rising, and Tmall and Douyin’s store rankings are TOP. As if everything is under control, take the track and leave the competition with nowhere to go.

But many brands that have received investment either hang up halfway, or have a high GMV and make no money. The track opportunity is seen, but when the profit is not seen at all, not only did the competing products not go down, but more and more.


On the TMT track, it is the user’s time that is robbed. Back then, all major platforms engaged in Weibo, but only Sina won, largely because of its early development. Normal users will not download 2 or more Weibo at the same time, and read them one by one when they want to.

Product power

This is a proper crap. But many founders have a misconception about “good.”

All the founders I have met are very confident in their product strength. I believe in their original intention and character, but many “good” are not from the perspective of consumers.

There is a founder who makes whole-wheat biscuits. When the product was first launched, it was delivered to me. The biscuits did have a normal taste, but the founder felt that the ingredients and craftsmanship were very good, and his product was a good product. But what consumers care about is that the food is not good, and everything else is meaningless. The project was later stopped and replaced with a new product, which broke out. The founder said when reviewing with me: “What you eat should still be delicious. This is the most important thing.” Conceptual 0 additions, etc., cannot sacrifice deliciousness.

The core selling point of a product must be based on user approval. We must communicate with users more. Don’t just listen to positive reviews. It is likely to be embarrassed. We must listen to negative reviews to avoid product failure after listing.

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