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But with a smart keyword strategy, you can be sure your eCommerce site is set up for SEO success. As for how to conduct keyword research for an SEO strategy for an eCommerce business? It works the same way it does for other projects and industries! To get started, you can turn to a keyword research tool. There are a variety of free or paid tools to choose from. If you have the budget, we encourage you to opt for a payment plan. This not only includes more powerful features, but also allows you to investigate more words and get more comprehensive reports.

Free options can be effective too, just make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for. But don’t worry: we’ve got your reference guide to keyword research right here. It includes everything you need to know about where to use keywords, how to research them, and much Egypt Phone Numbers List more: Keywor Research for SEO: Your Reference Guide. Keyword Research in Ecommerce Business – SEO for Ecommerce ecommerce site architecture Next, let’s move on to eCommerce site architecture and optimizing it for SEO. Of course, you want your site to be highly visible for more traffic and conversions.

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And it turns out that optimizing your site architecture is one of the best ways to do it! Under the umbrella of site architecture or two different architectural elements: technical architecture and information architecture. Technical architecture Usually web developers take care of this. It refers to the functional and technical elements of your site and its optimization for search engines. informational architecture Information architecture, on the other hand, refers to the content of your website and how it is organized. For example, do users have to drill down multiple pages just to find your “Store” page? As you can guess, this is not a smart SEO strategy for an eCommerce site. You want your site to be easy for users to navigate.

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In chapter two of the eCommerce Tuners Guide to Ecommerce SEO, the front page information architecture for eCommerce sites in depth. For example, include some of the rules your internal linking strategy can follow: “Only highly related categories will interconnect. Subcategories will link to related subcategories or categories. Product pages will only link to related products in the same category and parent categories.”

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Click here to read the full chapter. On-page SEO for eCommerce When it comes to on-page SEO considerations for your site, there are three main areas we’ll focus on: Category Pages – These top-level pages that your visitors may click on first should be titled with the right keywords. Product pages – Product pages and subcategory pages also need relevant titles with keyword optimization Blog Content – ​​Don’t overlook the importance of SEO-rich blog content for your eCommerce site. It gives you more opportunities to rank for additional keywords as well as build trust and relationships with your customers. In addition to how you tag your categories and the blog content you include, there are other on-page SEO considerations you need to keep in mind.

For example, the use of headings in all your blog content and web text. Headers break up your content and tell search engines what the next piece of content is about. For starters, they should include their keywords whenever possible. Try to keep them as short as possible, without unnecessary long URLs with random numbers and figures. How to Do Technical SEO Audits for Ecommerce Unless you have a complete understanding of technical SEO, we encourage you to outsource your technical SEO audits for eCommerce sites.

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